Airtel officially launches Fibre Internet in Uganda

In Summary
  • The Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service supports any homeowner for fast web browsing, heavy online gaming and downloading, multiple device streaming, superfast video downloading and music streaming, CCTV devices capability.
  • The need for fibre in homes is because of the multiple internet devices that they now have compared to previous years.
Henry Njoroge, the Marketing Director, Airtel Uganda giving his remarks during the launch of the Fiber to The Home (FTTH) service at Bellwether Apartments
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Airtel Uganda has launched the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service at Bell Wether Apartments in Kyanja, Kampala.

Dubbed the “Airtel Xtreme service” it gives customers unlimited access with no limitation of data volume caps.

Speaking about the new development, Mr. Henry Njoroge, the Marketing Director, Airtel Uganda said, “Our Fiber To The Home service is designed for all homes and businesses with multiple internet needs across multiple devices through a reliable fiber cable connection.

“A customer will be able to; stream video and music faster, superfast video downloading, share the connection across his/her many devices in the home, connect and monitor CCTV security systems. Businesses using Airtel Xtreme will be able to share, collaborate and work on very large projects, hold big and long online conferences with partners from across the world. using the power of the internet among other uses.”

“We are putting the right physical and digital infrastructure in place to support the growing communication needs of Greater Kampala residents and businesses. To meet our obligations under SDG 9 that aims to grow internet access, Airtel is laying more Fiber, upgrading sites, and innovating solutions ahead of the needs of our customers”. Njoroge added.

Allan Ssemakula , Enterprise Business Director, Airtel while demonstrating how Airtel Xstream works said, "We already have Fibre inside 45 apartment blocks in Kyanja alone. This means that any customer in those 45 apartments can place an order today and by tomorrow 10 am, they will have their connection."

Allan Ssemakula, Business Director for Airtel Business giving his remarks
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He also noted that their fibre technology is already in 125 locations in the city and plans are ongoing to extend it to the furthest parts of the country.

“Additionally, the product comes with other Add-ons that provide value to both SMEs and Employees working from home for example Microsoft MS 365.As parents, if you want to keep your children busy and engaged, bring the internet to their doorstep. We have 3 plans of 10, 20 and 50 Mbps." Allan added.

Mr. Hillary Bamulinde, The Proprietor of the BellWether Apartment said “Our objective was inspired by a desire to provide our clients with comfortable but productive living space, that is partly why we sought out services like Fiber internet. We are pleased to partner with Airtel Xtreme to ensure that we deliver a good experience to our residents. I would like to challenge Airtel to extend this service to many residences so that the prices can progressively be more affordable”

The Bellwether apartments in Kyanja,Kampala
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Xtreme Max plans are designed to cater for the small and medium businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, and work-from-home users depending on their budget. The plans come in three packages .

In addition, each new plan comes with a Wireless Router that allows the FTTH customer to connect his different devices in the home that share the connection.

“As a technology enabler, we are open to partnerships, especially with property developers and urban authorities, that can improve the lifestyle and productivity of Ugandans.

Airtel Xtreme is one such solution that can deliver this productivity” Njoroge concluded.