UNBS inter-Laboratory comparison program is back.

In Summary
  • The program used to demonstrate competency and validate laboratories.
  • Deadline for registration is 30th Sept 2023.
The development is aimed at supporting the ever-growing laboratory infrastructure in the country
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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has launched this year’s Inter-Laboratory Comparison program.

The program used to demonstrate competency and validate laboratories’ measurement processes for a particular measurement discipline. 

The development is aimed at supporting the ever-growing laboratory infrastructure in the country, in line with the UNBS mandate of enhancing competitiveness through standardisation and conformity assessment. 

Inter-Laboratory Comparison refers to the evaluation of a participant laboratory’s performance against pre-established criteria by comparing the participant laboratory’s results to results of other participant laboratories in the same ILC round. 

According to ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing, an Inter-Laboratory Comparison is the organization, performance and evaluation of measurements or tests on the same or similar items by two or more laboratories in accordance with predetermined conditions, 

This year (2023), ten (10) matrices will be tested and these include; Maize flour, UHT Milk, Potable Water, Non-carbonated soft drinks, Cosmetics, Roasted Coffee, Paint, Animal feeds, Cement and Steel bars.

Patricia Bageine Ejalu - Deputy Executive, UNBS says this  round of ILC exercise is highly recommended for all public/private commercial testing laboratories including laboratories within manufacturing facilities that fall under the scope of the ILC irrespective of size.

This is because the ILC program provides a quality assurance tool to laboratories for comparing performance and taking necessary remedial action to facilitate improvement, with an aim of producing accurate and reliable test results.

She says all laboratories or institutions  interested for participation should register by filing forms available on UNBS website before 30th Sept 2023.


According to UNBS, Participating in programs helps businesses by;Providing laboratories with an opportunity to boost the level of competence and confidence of their laboratory analysts, Placing laboratories in a better position to acquire and maintain UNBS laboratory recognition. 

This means that test results from these recognized laboratories are accepted in guiding a product certification decision as UNBS implements the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (Certification) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022.