Innovativeness, utilisation of the digital space continues to boost business

In Summary
  1. Currently products are easily distributed to the respective customers across the country.
  2. Entrepreneurs are able to create systems that enable consistent deliverly of quality products 
Distribution of CCBU Products
Distribution of CCBU Products
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Players in the business sector say that innovativeness and proper utilization of the digital space have continued to boost their businesses.

According to Micheal Kaziro the Route-To-Market specialist at Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda (CCBU), with the above tools products are currently easily distributed to the respective customers across the country.

He added that being innovative has helped in the creation of systems that enable consistent delivery of quality products to consumers and also coming up with new products on the market.

Kaziro stressed that for businesses to thrive and highly compete in the global market, entrepreneurs should take advantage of the latest innovative ways of doing business.

He made the remarks while CCBU was introducing a network of Official Coca-Cola Distributors (OCCDs) who will ensure that Coca-Cola products reach Ugandans efficiently in every corner of the country.

 Kaziro notes that the foundation of the OCCD system begins with a meticulous selection process in which individuals with the ambition to excel and resources such as trucks, warehouses, mobile phones, and a dedicated workforce are verified and appointed to become OCCDs.

He explained that once appointed, CCBU’s user-friendly online system tracks sales, maintains detailed records, and empowers OCCDs to plan deliveries with precision. They use the same system to access real-time data for customer details and to track the status of customer orders, including information on products that are out of stock.

“The system also has a call list of all OCCDs’ deliveries in specific areas. This eases their product dispatch process and enables them to talk to customers at all times during the distribution process,” Kaziro says.