Byanyima’s house searched, police confiscates red clothes

By Robert Segawa

Police officers at Kabalagala Police have confiscated 24 pieces of red clothes from Edith Byanyima’s home in Muyenga Makindye Division.

The clothes were confiscated after hours of searching and throwing things up and down in Byanyima’s house. The officers went through all her clothes including her knickers and bras in search of red colored clothes.

The search comes after police receiving intelligence information that Byanyima had a ware house where people power t-shirts and overalls were being printed.

The area LC1 Fredrick Oteba was called to Witness the search and confirmed the recovery of the 24 pieces of clothes.

According to Oteba by the time he arrived he found the search was over but they showed him the clothes they found and told him they are going with them.

The Kampala metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the search saying they were still consulting on the charges to prefer.