Cabinet agrees to borrow over 20million Euros to establish availability of minerals

By Gloria Nakiyimba

Government is borrowing €20,622,435 from the Corporate Internationalization Fund of Spain, for the implementation of Project “Airborne Geophysical Survey and Geological mapping of Karamoja. According to Ofwono Opondo the Executive director of Uganda Media Center the move was approved by cabinet on Monday.

Geological mapping will enable Government to establish the mineral resources of the country especially in Karamoja region, improved technologies of artisanal and small scale miners which will translate into better livelihoods.

Universities and other government agencies will benefit from access to minerals data to facilitate research.

Cabinet also approved that the contracts of Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture Company, Homeklin (U) Ltd and Kampala Solid Waste Management Consortium be extended for another one year as government works out a comprehensive mechanism of garbage collection, management and recycling.

During the cabinet session at State House Entebbe, KCCA was given a green light to continue with the Policy of outsourcing garbage collection services except in slums where KCCA should collect the garbage its self.

Minister for Kampala Betty Olive Kamya Namisango Turomwe says it was agreed “that KCCA should continue the dual policy of collecting garbage from very low income localities for free, while those able to pay should pay for the services of garbage collection at reasonable fee to be determined by KCCA not the concessionaires themselves”.
The decision is based on extensive consultations that were carried out on the needs of the City.