Cambridge University program to help tackle complicated diseases in Uganda

By Moses Kidandi

Cambridge university has announced that it is putting up a base in Uganda to enhance on going efforts to treat complicated diseases in Uganda.

The university says it will start having closed collaboration with the Uganda cancer institute in areas of cancer treatment and research.

Uganda is honored to be the first country in the Africa where Cambridge will start a training programme on the management and treatment of cancer.

Dr Jackson Oreyem says the program will be comprised of exchange visits between Uganda and Cambridge in the most complicated areas of research.

The Director of the Uganda cancer institute Dr Jackson Oreyem also revealed that there will be a visitation program for the team from Bill and Melinda gates foundation led by the CEO Dr Desmond Helman that is expected to visit Uganda next week.

The visit by the bill gates foundation is meant to help on how to prevent cancer related death in children which is supposed to be curable.