Refugee shoots police officer on duty

By Robert Segawa

The Inspector General of police Okoth Martin Ochola has instructed the focal police officer on refugee Project to intensify vigilance lessons to all refugees in Uganda. This follows an incident that where a South Sudanese refugee identified as Abdul Abubakari allegedly grabbed a gun from a female officer PC Masuduyi Scovia and shot the Officer in charge of Palorinya Base Camp, ASP Ian Natukunda over the weekend.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says that the inspector general of Police Okoth Ochola condemns such acts of violence from the refugees in Uganda and he directed the focal police officer in charge of refugees to ensure that all refugees remain vigilant and law abiding in their camps.

Fred Enanga noted that there police Officer ASP Ian Natukunda is steadily recovering from Nakasero treatment where he is receiving treatment even though his lungs and ribs were injured by the bullets.

He adds that they have preferred three charges to the South Sudanese refugee Abdul Abubakari which include attempted murder, theft of a gun and threatening of the police officer.

Government to enroll more elderly people for upkeep

By Moses Kidandi
The Government has committed to start registering more elderly persons so as to enable them to easily access services under the Governments social protection program.(SAGE)

Over two hundred thousand elderly persons are getting up keep of UGX25000 shillings monthly. However,some of them have not been registered on the scheme for lack of proper identification.

Some of the beneficiaries of this scheme who are beyond 85 years, whose fingers cant read on the bio metric systems will be given special consideration to have them registered.

The National conference organised by the ministry of Gender, labour and social development taking place at Hotel Africana in Kampala is aimed at discussing key issues affecting the elderly in Uganda.

Masaba Sam Wekesa, commissioner elderly and disability affairs at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development says they are in the process of ensuring that all older persons across the country are taken good care of .

Special hire driver killer sent to jail for 50 years

By Sania Babirye

A Kampala resident and also shoe repair who murdered a special hire driver and later robbed him of his motor vehicle in 2016has been jailed 50 years.

This is after Masaka high court judge Nabisinde Wilfred found 30 year old Kasekende Ibrahim guilty of murder and aggravated robbery.

The victim was identified as Musa Mukasa .

Kasekende and together with a one Yasin Lukyamuzi hired Mukasa on the 24th of July 2016 from Kampala to Kalungu.

These had claimed that they were traveling to go see their relatives but when they reached Lukaya just like other special hire killer’s, these two also asked Mukasa to stop so that they can ease themselves.

When he stopped, they then strangled him to death and took off with his ipsum car and dumped his body at Maguluka Kabale in Kalungu district.

They had asked for leniency claiming to be first time offender who are remorseful, However, the judge ruled that they committed a capital offense bu brutally killing the victim and needed a deterrent sentences.

The convict was arrested after he was caught in Bukomasimbi trying to sell the deceased’s car.

Habitant for Humanity embarks on affordable housing for the vulnerable

By Daudi Zirimala
Housing for the poor in the country has been cited as one of the key factors that have crippled the social and economic development of the country and Human capital.

Speaking a head of the World Habitat Day on 7th October 2019, Gilbert Omedda Vulnerable Group housing manager Habitat for humanity Uganda said that housing affects every aspect of life because it’s the bedrock of the economy and planning of any country.

He notes that well as housing is solely an individual effort and responsibility, there is need for social housing in order to eliminate poverty housing in Uganda.

According to Gilbert, in a bid to promote affordable housing in the country, Habitant for humanity Uganda embarked on a campaign to build affordable houses to vulnerable groups in districts Mayuge, Fort portal,Kumi among others because every day more vulnerable families like widows, elderly and child headed especially in rural areas find themselves in a struggle to keep a decent roof over their heads.

“For example in Mayuge district vulnerable communities like child headed homes ,the elderly need to be assisted to realize decent living because most of them live in dire conditions with their domestic animals which put their lives at risk”, says Omedda.

As the world commemorates World Habitat Day this year, decent living campaign will be spear headed by different stakeholders as an initiative to improve the lives of vulnerable communities in Uganda through corporate partnerships says Robert Otim the National Director for Habitat for Humanity Uganda.

According to him the campaign is aimed at improving the lives of 20 vulnerable families annually by building the strength, stability and self-reliance of these families through improved shelter, improved access to safe water through the provision of water harvesting tank.

Housing has been universally declared as one of the three essential human needs besides food and clothing and it is much more than a roof.

Speaking about the habitat day, the ministry of lands, housing and urban development Spokesperson Denis Obbo,housing is key to other vital right based services such as access to clean and safe water, environmental sustainability, well planned scenery, right to quality education, safe neighborhoods among others. Good living conditions improve health unlike poor living says Obbo.

New entrepreneurship skill to empower Ugandan women

By Daudi Zirimala

The US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac has launched the first ever Academy for Women entrepreneurs aimed at finding support for them to make their dreams come true.

According to Malac, Uganda is one of the 26 countries in the world that will benefit from the Academy of Women entrepreneurs and this program will benefit 270 women in Uganda of which 200 women are from Northern Uganda, 70 from Kampala.

She notes empowering women in entrepreneurial skills is key to enable them succeed as entrepreneurs through training them how to prepare business plans, pitching their businesses among others.

Speaking during the launch of this Program at the American Center Nsambya, Malac said that their dream is to see 50million women globally contribute the global economy by 2025.

“Women will be taken through different 13 course units including finding your dream, marketing your, financing your dream and realizing business dreams says’’ Fiona Luswata head of facilitators. She further said that the Academy for women Entrepreneurs will offer competitive business plan writing from the participants to enable them
come up with plans that can enable them to finance their dream businesses.

Similarly Luswata showed the concern that women don’t plan for their businesses because many start business out of necessity.

Mabirizi challenges Museveni’s directive to release people arrested for idleness and disorderliness

By Sania Babirye
Controversial Kampala litigant Kiwanuka Mabirizi is at it again with challenging one of the directives made by government officials including President Museveni’s order to release all persons arrested tried and convicted on charges of being idle and disorderly.

Mabirizi has today filed an application in the high court challenging the said directive on grounds that it is illegal, irrational and beats common sense.

Mabirizi who represents himself in all his petitions has sworn an affidavit in which he claims that President Museveni has no powers to direct the Uganda Police force to not enforce the laws of Uganda or direct the release of persons arrested by police.

Mabirizi also says that the president can not district the discontinuance of a case, direct release of a person without the advise of the committee on prerogative of mercy and that the said directive was issued in a procedure which is not proper.

He has now asked the high court to squash the said directive and prohibition of any Ugandan official or agency from implementing the said directive.

He is also seeking a permanent injunction restraining any government official, or its agencies from implementing the said directive and General damages plus costs to the suit.

According to Mabirizi, prohibition arrest of any person suspected to have committed a crime of idle and and disorderly, ordering for immediate release, stop any prosecution and discharge those already convicted and incarcerated after failing to pay a one million fine as communicated in the 01 October 2019 circular by the Inspector General of police is illegal and over passes the powers of President Museveni and that of the I GO.

Media is continuing to portray women as sexual images

By Alice Lubwama

The chairperson Uganda women parliamentary association Pamela kamugo has cautioned women and girls against sending nude pictures as a sign of love, the people they take as loved ones will circulate them on social media.

Kamugo made the warning while launching the world girls’ report on equal representation of girls through media and film industry.

This report that was produced by plan international was made from 19 countries including Uganda and shows that online media has increased sexism and is becoming more hostile to women and girls as they are subjected to online violence.

The research also indicates that women and girls are portrayed by the media as sexual objects as their naked bodies are used in adverts to sell products.

The report indicates that the unequal representation of women in the media and film has had a far reaching impact on girls and young women, majority of whom are influenced by what they see, hear and read.

Speaking at the launch the interim head of programs plan international Uganda Jean Claude Angaye said that one million Ugandan women and girls have experienced sexual violence and this is due the way society perceives them largely influenced by the stereotypes depicted through media and film.`

Angaye says that the study was intended to look at how film and media stereotypes affect the lives and leadership ambitions of girls and young women, examine the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that limit girls freedom and opportunities in specific environment and sectors. The report also sought to know what encourages and discourages young women and girls from their leadership aspirations.

Angaye called upon the Uganda communications commission to monitor and regulate the media including film industry to desist from producing content that undermines the dignity of girls and women.

Over 10.000 girls and women from 19 countries across the world including Uganda were interviewed, and some of the girls from Uganda ask the media to show more stories about women in leadership who will encourage them to become leaders.

They also plead with the media practitioners to stop showing girls and young women as sex objects and make sure that what is showed does not portray negative stereotypes.

The 1995 world conference on women made women and media one of 12 critical areas of the Beijing platform for action and called on media everywhere to make a far greater contribution to women’s advancement.

Prominent Cranes supporter, Uncle Money sent to Luzira over manslaughter case

By Sania Babirye

A bodaboda rider has pinned Prominent Uganda Cranes fan and the vice chairperson Kasubi zone 4 in Rubaga division Jackson Sewanyana of beating and kicking a resident after suspecting him of being a thief which eventually caused his death .

Sewanyana who is also commonly known as Uncle money has been charged and remanded to Luzira prison on charges of manslaughter jointly with a 27 year old Ssenyonga Benson.

Today, as hearing started , a one Abdallah Zaake Tumuhirwe a Boda-Boda rider at Munaku stage informed Buganda road court chief Magistrate Miriam Akello Ayo that on that fateful day of the 16th of August 2019 at about 8:30pm as he was going about his duties he saw uncle money holding the deceased and also victim Sirajje Tumusiime by the collar leading him towards Royal hotel.

And that while there, they met his co accused Ssenyonga and others who started kicking and slapping the victim while beating him with electric wires.

The witness has further informed court that the victim was facing the floor with both his hands and legs tied with a rope and was sweating profoundly.

He says that through out his beatings, the victim was pleading for mercy and that it was at this moment after watching the helpless victim that he decided to ran to call his Imam and that by the time they returned, uncle Money, his gang and the victim had disappeared.

He further revealed that after three days he learnt that Tumusiime’s body was at the Mulago Mortuary.

Prosecution has also tended in a still photo of the deceased tied with ropes as a prosecution exhibit.

These pleaded not guilty to the offense and were remanded until today for hearing of their case since they had no lawyer present in court to argue their bail application .

If convicted the two could face life imprisonment which is the maximum jail sentence.

Uncle money is accused of inciting a mob to lynch a one Siraje Hakim Tumusiime after they suspected him of being a mobile phone thief. .

Prosecution states that On the 16th of August 2019 at about 8.30pm, the late Tumusiime who was a phone dealer at Mutaasa Kafeero plaza in Kampala city received a phone call that made him leave his house in Lubya zone .

That later , uncle money was seen holding Tumusiime by the hand and leading him behind Royal Hotel where he allegedly handed him over to stick wielding youths led by the defense secretary Ssenyonga.

The evidence further states that the youths beat and kicked Tumusiime before uncle money transferred him to a unknown destination.

That after three days of searching, Tumusiime’s body was found at Mulago city mortuary with numerous wounds leading to the victim’s family to report a murder case at Old Kampala police station .

Court orders for production of the two re-arrested Kaweesi murder suspects

By Sania Babirye
Kampala High court judge Henrietta Wolayo has ordered the state to produce the Kaweesi murder suspects who were re-arrested on the 11th of this month immediately after being granted bail.

These include Yusuf Nyanzi and Gabriel Kalyango.

According to Justice Wolayo, the state must justify why it is keeping the said suspects in prison yet they were legally granted bail by justice Lydia Mugamba.

During court proceedings, state prosecutor Brian Musota failed to explain to court why the said suspects are illegally being detained for now 17 days without being charged or produced in court.

According to Wolayo, the two are part of the four suspects that were re-arrested at the International crimes division of the high together with their lawyer a few minutes after being granted bail, however, the third suspect Mugerwa Yusuf’s file was allocated to a different judge.

Now the judge has ordered that state produces the two on the 30th of September which is next Monday at 2pm in court without fail.

This will enable court to assess if the said suspects are being detained legally or illegally.

The production warrant comes after the their lawyer Anthony Wameli filed an application seeking for their production in Court or be released.

Wameli contends that his client’s fundamental rights to liberty are being violated.

On the 11th of this month the three were re-arrested by plain clothed security operatives and although police acknowledged their re-srrest, their whereabouts still remains unknown.

Their re-arrest received public criticism from the general public and the judiciary with the chief justice asking the minister of constitutional affaires Kahinda Otafire to adress the incident saying re-arresting of suspects after being granted bail is unconstitutional and steps on the independence of the judiciary.

Radio’s alleged killer ordered to defend himself

By Sania Babirye

The Entebbe high court has ordered Godfrey Wamala aka Troy to defend himself on charges of murdering local musician Moses Sekibogo alias Mozey Radio.

Today, high court judge Jane Francis Abodo has ruled that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to sustain the murder charge and has a case to answer.

This is after state led by Joseph Kyomuhendo conclude his final submissions asking court to find Troy with a case to answer following the evidence of 9 prosecution witnesses that they adduced against him including that of the last prosecution witness also DPC Katwe police station and SP Fruntile Rwamusayi who arrested Troy for the murder of Mozey Radio.

Kyomuhendo stated that the said DPC is the one who arrested Troy after Mosey Radio died at case clinic on the 1st of February 2018.

On the 10th of this month, the owner of the Debar, a hangout place in Entebbe were Mozey Radio met his death testified in court denying ever seeing Troy lift Radio and bang him down to the ground causing his death .

George Egesa a resident of Kawuku who is the 9th state witness informed High court Judge Jane Francis Abodo that on the 22nd of January 2018 a one Pamela Musimire came to his bar and informed him of a ‘Celebu’ by names mozey Radio, who was coming to his bar.

Egesa further testified that indeed, Radio and a one Washington(David Ebanget Etoru) and some other friends came to his bar.

And that while in the bar, Radio got 100, 000 Ugandan shillings and placed it on the table before asking the bar owner to buy him booze.

Egesa added that he informed Radio that he didn’t have money although he ordered ordered for him whisky.

And that when the whisky came, the deceased poured some in the glass before pouring the remaining whisky on him and other people including the key suspect Troy real names Godfrey Wamala who was a bouncer at the said bar .

The witness said that he asked Pamela to take Radio out of his bar and went to clean the whisky that Radio had Radio had poured on him off.

And that when he returned, he was informed by one of the waitress about the chaos that had taken place while he was away in the washrooms .

On the 5th of this month, David Ebengati commonly known as Producer Washington pinned Troy of murdering Mosey Radio.

He informed court that on that fateful day, him and the deceased with another lady Pamela Musimire went to De bar to hang out and that while drinking, the deceased got one bottle of wine and poured it on one of the owners of the bar.

The witness further stated that during the scuffle of Radio pouring the alcohol on one of the owner, he saw the suspect(Troy)who is believed to be a bouncer at the said bar grab the victim from Pamela and lifts him in the air before pouncing him on the ground which led to his death.

Washington further stated that there was so much commotion and people started shouting but they managed to get the victim and rush him to a nearby clinic in Entebbe called Emmanuel, however, the healthy officials informed them that they could not manage Radio’s condition and refereed them to Nsambya hospital.

He also told court that they rushed the deceased to Nsambya hospital and only made a police statement the next day.

He also revealed to court that he had known and worked with Radio for close to 10 years and were close friends.

The case is one of the capital offense cases that justice Abodo is presiding over during a criminal session that will take 40 days.

Troy was on the 2nd of September officially charged with murder and he pleaded not guilty to the offense.

He is currently detained at Kigo government prison after court denying him bail on two separate occasions .
On the 6th of June 2018, the Entebbe chief magistrate Susan Okeni committed Troy for trial after prosecution led by Julius Muhirwa informed court that the Director of Public Prosecutions had directed him to have the murder suspect committed to the high court for trial upon completion of investigations into his case.

According to the DPP, he intends to adduce evidence to prove that Troy was indeed at the scene of the crime including witnesses that saw the late Mosey at De bar with the suspect drinking before a fight broke out between the two on the 22nd of January 2018 among other evidence.

On the 7th of February 2018, Troy was remanded to Kigo government prison after being charged with murder
Troy is a businessman and a resident of Kyengera LC1, Nsangi Town council in Wakiso district, the same place where security operatives from Katwe police station caught him while hiding after he allegedly beat Mosey Radio on the 22nd of January 2018, by allegedly hitting the late on the head during a brawl at “De bar ” in Entebbe.

Mosey Radio is said to have then sustained head injuries and died a week later at Case Clinic in Kampala after going into a coma.