Sebuufu and seven others convicted of murder

High court judge Flavia Anglin Sennoga has found guilty Pine car bond proprietor Muhammad Sebuufu of murdering businesswoman Betty Donah Katushabe over a 9 million car debt in October 2015.

He has been convicted with seven others while a one Lwanga Steven a special hire driver has been found guilty of being an accessory after commission of an offense.

Justice Senoga has ruled that prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that Sebuufu and 7 others had a common intention to kidnap Katushabe from her home at Bwebajja , robbed her of her mobile phone and tortured her to death.

Sebuufu and his co accused have therefore been found guilty and consequently convicted of murder, kidnap and robbery.

The judge has explained that prosecution evidence placed the convicts at the scene of crime as those who kidnaped Donah and intentionally caused her death.

however Justice Senoga has exonerated Lwanga of murder and instead accused convicted him of being an accessory since he is the one who drove the car that drove Katushabe from her residence to pine car bond where she was tortured from leading to her death .

The judge has also cancelled their bail and remanded them to Luzira prison and set the 1st of July to sentence them.

In April this year, three court assessors asked court to dismiss all murder and kidnap charges against Ssebuufu and his co accussed after Rehema Babirye, Wasimila Joseph and Betty Bogere told court that prosecution failed to adduce sufficient evidence that warrant the accused’s conviction.

The assessor relied on one of the evidence of Ssebuufu’s lawyer Brian Tindyebwa in which he testified before court that his client spent that entire day at Mengo Magistrate court in a land case.

The assessors also advised court to dismiss the kidnap charge on grounds that the deceased had herself requested to be taken to pine car bond instead of CPS when some of the accused persons together with police allegedly came to arrest her from her home.

On the 8th of January this year, in an effort to further prove his innocence, Ssebuufu produced his lawyer Tindyebwa as his witness to prove that he was not near his alleged murder victim on that fateful day.

Brian Tindyebwa informed Kampala high court that on that fateful day, his client spent the whole day at Mengo magistrate court in land case.

He explained that although he had asked his colleague to sit in for him because he had another case, he later joined Ssebuufu and sat behind up to three pm when the case ended.
Ssebuufu had denied to have been near Donah Katushabe or his other co accused when the incident happened claiming that he left Mengo after the case and reached at his car bond around six and found the victim there and later called the former Police commander of CPS Aron Baguma to intervene in the matter.

Ssebuufu closed his defense and the judge ordered both parties to submit their final submissions basing on the evidence presented on why him and his co accused should be acquitted or convicted.

Prosecution closed its case with 26 witnesses and his co accused include a private guard Godfrey Kayiza,Steven Muwanga, a Congolese national Mirambe Phillip, a crime preventer attached to CPS Paul Tasingika among others.

On the 4th of December 2018, Ssebuufu began his defense and choose to give un sworn in defense in which prosecution did not have to cross examine him.

In october 2018, justice Anglin Flavia Ssenoga ruled that Ssebuufu had a case to answer on grounds that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to prove that Ssebuufu and his co-accused tortured to death the victim on the 23rd of October 2015 after failing to pay a debt of 9 million shillings over a car.

Sebuufu had initially been charged with the former Kampala CPS DPC Aaron Baguma over Katusabe’s kidnap and murder but later the DPP without giving any reason to court dropped charges against Baguma and continued with the trial of Ssebuufu and the rest, at the beginning of the trial this year.

According to evidence presented by prosecution, the deceased purchased a car at pine car bond at 13 million but only managed to pay five million.

That after failed attempts by Ssebuufu to have Katushabe pay the remaining 9millions, he instructed his security guards to pick up the victim from her home in Bwebajja along Entebbe road on that fateful day.

Prosecution states that after kidnapping Katushabe, she was taken directly to Ssebuufu’s office from where she was kicked and beaten with sticks there by causing grievous wounds to her body which led to her death.

Museveni in China for a working visit

By Moses Kidandi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has this afternoon (Monday) arrived in Beijing China for a four-days working visit on the invitation of his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jingping.

On arrival at Beijing International Airport, the President was received by the Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Mr. Liu Xianfa. Others present were Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa and Chin’s Ambassador to Uganda Zhang Zhuqiang.

A group of nine African diplomats led by Uganda’s Ambassador to China, Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga, were also available to receive the President. The other eight chair the key African Union blocs in China like ECOWAS, SADC and the EAC.

New digital system to help police keep track of traffic offenders who fail to pay penalties

BY Robert Segawa

Uganda Police has today launched an automated digitized Express penalty Scheme ( EPS ) which will involve immediate electronic issuing of penalty tickets to road offenders once they are arrested.

The new Express Penalty Scheme launched today will now have the traffic police officers move from manual process of issuing express tickets to road offenders especially drivers to an electronic process who will then pay the charges in the Bank on URA account.

Speaking at the event Naguru police headquarter the director of traffic police AIGP Dr Steven Kasiima says that the Electronic EPS process is intended to cut on cost for implementation to correct anomalies that come with human error by respective traffic officers.

He further adds that the EPS system commenced in 2002 in four district’s include Masaka, Mukono, Mpigi and Luwero in pilot study before it was strolled out country wide.

Kasiima says since it’s exception the scheme has had several challenges like offend driver’s have thrown away printed tickets and evaded payment along with poor handwriting by some officer’s that driver say they don’t understand.

He says the electric system will do away with all these anomalies.

Dr Steven Kasiima noted that they have so far trained a total of 1400 traffic officers have been trained in this system and they have distributed 135 computer’s and all the necessary equipment and mini printers to the trained traffic officers

During the launch of this system at police headquarters Naguru, the Deputy Inspector General Of Police Maj Gen Sabiiti Mzeei the system will help the traffic police to track traffic offenders who fail to pay the penalties.

Maj Gen Sabiiti Mzeei also noted that will help police to effectively monitor road offenders to avoid future road carnages as well as supervising the operation of their traffic officers on duty.

President Museveni takes Operation wealth Creation to Bukwo

By Moses Kidandi
President Yoweri Museveni has thanked the people of Sebei Sub-Region for massively supporting and voting the NRM government.

The President was addressing a public rally in Kamet Sub-County, Bukwo District during his current countrywide drive to sensitize wananchi on wealth creation to combat household poverty.

President Museveni said that one of the reasons why there was an increase in the population of Sebei Sub-Region was because NRM had improved the health of the people by advocating for good health practices like immunization. He also noted that there was notable progress in the education sector in Sebei region as 183,000 pupils have been enrolled in 214 primary schools. He added that this was so because of the Universal Primary Education programme brought by NRM.

On infrastructure, President Museveni said that although there had been delays in construction of the road, it will be done soon. He, however, advised them to wholesomely engage in wealth creation activities as they await for the building of roads in their area.

He explained to them that development is for everybody but wealth creation focuses on an individual who must struggle to increase his/her household income.

Two BOU officials sent to jail over corruption

By Sania Babirye

The anti corruption court has remanded to Luzira prison two Employees of Bank of Uganda who are facing corruption charges.

These have been identified as 36 year old Francis Kakeeto is a banker working as a Branch manager of Bank of Uganda -Mbale Branch and 42 year old Fred Vito Wanyama an Assistant Branch manager

These have been remanded by grade one magistrate Abert Asimwe after they pleaded not guilty to charges of Abuse of office when they allegedly allowed inclusion of unauthorized cargo on a chartered plane carrying printed material of Bank of Uganda .

According to the charges sanctioned by the Director of Public Prosecutions Mike Chibita, the pair was assigned by their employer (BOU) to carry out a pre-shipment inspection of printed material in France but in total abuse of their respective offices allowed inclusion of unauthorized cargo on a chartered plane.

In the alternative, the 2 suspects are facing a charge of corruption in which they are said to have corruptly neglected to perform their duties by failing to report unauthorized cargo on a plane fully chartered by Bank of Uganda .

The 2 men allegedly committed the offenses on 26th/April 2019 between France, Belgium and Entebbe International Airport .

The magistrate also denied them bail and remanded them until Tuesday next week to consider their second bail application since he found their first sureties not substantial.

The said sureties had no pepper identification documents to present in court including LC letters to prove area of residence.

The two were arrested following a complaint by Bank of Uganda Governor Emmanuel Mutebile who tipped the anti corruption unit of state house following his suspicion of extra cargo that entered the country abode a chartered BOU plane that was carrying printed material.

According to reports, the plane landed at Entebbe International Airport on the 27th of April 2019 and was cleared by URA officials in the presence of Bank of Uganda officials and Aviation security .

However according to a statement from Bank of Uganda , the chartered plane had to carry 20 pallets instead of 25 .

The alleged anormally was detected during the verification of the consignment hence commencement of investigations which have sofar revealed that the extra cargo belongs to powerful businesmen in the country and organisations.

A joint investigation between CID and State House Anti-corruption unit has sofar led to the arrest of a number Bank of Uganda officials .

Cambridge University program to help tackle complicated diseases in Uganda

By Moses Kidandi

Cambridge university has announced that it is putting up a base in Uganda to enhance on going efforts to treat complicated diseases in Uganda.

The university says it will start having closed collaboration with the Uganda cancer institute in areas of cancer treatment and research.

Uganda is honored to be the first country in the Africa where Cambridge will start a training programme on the management and treatment of cancer.

Dr Jackson Oreyem says the program will be comprised of exchange visits between Uganda and Cambridge in the most complicated areas of research.

The Director of the Uganda cancer institute Dr Jackson Oreyem also revealed that there will be a visitation program for the team from Bill and Melinda gates foundation led by the CEO Dr Desmond Helman that is expected to visit Uganda next week.

The visit by the bill gates foundation is meant to help on how to prevent cancer related death in children which is supposed to be curable.

Absence of quality standard hurting Uganda companies

By Edwin Muhumuza

The lack of standards is affecting delivery of goods and services by Ugandan companies. The trend cuts across all sectors such manufacturing ,agriculture ,transport ,health among others.This concern came to the fore during a breakfast meeting on the impact of standards in the delivery of products and services.

This was revealed by AG Quality consultants, a leading quality consulting firm during a quality management systems dialogue with several business stakeholders in Kampala as part of the world accreditation day activities.

It emerged that Ugandan Health Care continues to suffer setbacks in regard to the quality of diagnostics and laboratory services which are not internationally accepted.

Chief Executive Officer ,Kilian Songwe speaking at the event noted that standards are what leverage businesses in the fast changing world.

For a long time government and business experts have decried the informal nature of businesses and the lack of willingness to adopt corporate governance in majority of them by owners. Relatedly,it is a common concern for consumers to complain about varying quality of specific products on the market.

Songwe noted that “compliance is the price you pay for admission”adding that accreditation ensures impartiality,competence and consistence.He said continuous improvement is a must and that risk management was becoming an element of standards.

Patricia Bageine Ejalu, the Deputy Executive Director for Technical Operations Uganda National Bureau of Standards said there is need for companies to adopt technical committees to ensure quality requirements are observed adding that ,” the Implementation of standards is not rocket science”.

Amid the urge and the push to do global business by Ugandan companies,the demand for quality is high and some of them have failed to penetrate the international market further worsening the country’s trade balance.

Uganda’s economic backbone is agriculture but the sector too is faced with many challenges that stem from High cost of investment/finance,Inadequate physical infrastructure to support the sector, Poor farming techniques,Limited access to quality farm inputs, Too much relying on rain,Lack of marketing data and information,Inadequate production and post harvest technologies all which are linked to a lack of quality management systems at production level all through the value chain.

Stanbic Bank head of Agri-business,Richard Wangwe,said that the excessive wastage of Ugandan produce which normally is perishable is as a result of a lack of quality standards and thus continues to lead to has led to loss of food and vegetables,further calling for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices.

Additionally he noted that exporters do not earn much from their exported produce due to absence of standards.‘Hazards occur at all stages of the food chain and there it becomes important to address food safety and production at firm level.’

Chief Guest Dr. Elly Karuhanga, Chairman Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum tipped participants on the importance of Oil & Gas Standards in the delivery of products and services noting that the sector is driven by standards and nothing else.This as government urges Ugandans to produce local content for the sector whilst the industry demand s for standards.

Nelson Ofwono,a local content development expert advised the business community to bench mark all their systems be it management,operations,production among others on the oil and gas sector.

Bishop Luwalira’s attacker acquitted of charges due to insanity

The Mwanga 2 Magistrate court has ruled that a one Herbert Solomon Kaddu accused of threatening to injure the Namirember diocese Bishop Kityo Luwalira Benin in 2018 is mentally ill and can not stand trial.

Today, grade one magistrate Joel Wegoye acquitted Kaddu if charges including threatening violence and disturbing religious assemblies when he unlawfully entered Namirembe Cathedral and tried to attack the Bishop.

The magistrate ruled that Kaddu is mentally ill and cannot be criminally liable of his insanity despite having threatened to attack Bishop Kityo Luwalira.

And as a result, the magistrate ordered that Kaddu can not go home but must be kept at Luzira prison as a criminal lunatic until the minister of justice issues an order to determine on whether he should be discharged or kept in a psychiatric home .

The magistrate has relied on section 117 of the magistrates Act that he siad bared him from passing sentence to such an accused .

He also relied on evidence from Butabika hospital psychiatrist Dr. Irene Apio who testified that she has been treating Kaddu for Bipolar disorder ; a condition Kaddu has suffered since 1998 during his primary Education .

In her testimony, Dr. Apiyo further testified that Kaddu gets episodes of excessive excitement, restlessness and irritation which makes him believe that he is a super being compared to others .

She also stated that Kaddu is still receiving treatment from Butabiika Hospital as an out-patient and medical documents of his condition were exhibited in court .

The Doctor however mentioned that Kaddu had stabilized but relapsed on 2014 when his family decided to treat him using traditional means after falsely believing that he had supernatural spirits that prevent him from becoming rich .

During hearing of the case, Kaddu ‘s family had told court and police that he was indeed insane but later two police reports disputed the claims on ground that Kaddu was mentally fit o stand trial .

But there evidence could not be relied on since the said police officers failed to testify in court.

Hearing of the case began in may 2018 and state was only able to able to present only one witnesses a church official who was among the persons who tackled Kaddu as he tried to attack the Bishop.

34 year old Herbet Solomon Kaddu a Tour and travel driver and a resident of Mackay Zone in Mengo Lubaga division was on the 4th of April charged with three counts of disturbing religious assemblies and denied the charges.

He is charged with threatening violence by intending to annoy or injure Bishop Luwalira and Rev. Canon Benon Kityo ; the dean of Namirembe Diocese.

Prosecution led Roselyn Kipora states that on 1st of April 2017 during an Easter service at Namirembe Cathedral, Kaddu while armed with a stick and a sack cloth , threatened to attack Bishop Luwalira amidst the congregation .

The Bishop is said to have been miraculously saved by a bar at the alter which trapped Kaddu causing him to fall down and later whisked off by worshipers.

Daughter pins own father for defiling her

BY Sania Babirye
A then nine year old girl has narrated how her own father continuously sexually assaulted her in their one roomed rented House they were staying in alone.

45 year old Rwentalo Frank is being tried of aggravated defilement of his own daughter that he was only staying with following the death of her mother after she was born.

The incident happened in 2016 at Nabweru Love a zone in Kawempe division.

The suspect was arrested on the 8th of July 2016 after the child eventually confided in a female neighbor who reported the incident to the area defense chairman who also reported the said crime to the Nabweru police station leading to his arrest.

Today detective Shemereire Lydia informed high court judge Flavia Angelin Seeing that she was responsible of taking the statement from both the child and her father but her father denied ever sexually assaulting his own daughter.

However, she informed court that the victim confided in her that her father was having sex with her every night and that she had pain in her private parts.

She also informed court that medical examination done on her proved that the miner had been sexually assaulted although his father denied the said charge.

The police detective further informed court that the victim also claimed that he further threatened to cut off her legs and hands of she reported the matter to anyone.

Boda boda rider denies robbing female client

By Sania Babirye

A 30 year old bodaboda rider accused of robbing a female client has accused police and the victim of framing him.

While appearing before Justice Flavia Angelin Senga to defend himself, Akankwasa Alex told court that he did not know the said victim Katushabe Lydia and that he was at home sleeping on the night of 8th October 2016 when the said incident happened at Namugongo.

Akankwasa is accused of robbing Katushabe her mobile phone worth 160,000 shillings and her bag cintaining 200,000 in cash

However, Akankwasa has denied the said allegations including Katushabe’s sim card line he was allegedly arrested with saying police planted it in him when they arrested him and detained him at police.

He also told court that by the time of his arrest, he was just from the village and did not own any Mobil phone.

He also denied ever threatening Katushabe with a knife while allegedly robbing her.