Religious leaders from Mityana starts advocacy for family planning

By Alice Lubwama

Faith based organizations from mityana district including the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kiyinda–Mityana have partnered with civil societ organizations in the area to advocate for the allocation of more funds for family planning services in the next financial year budget 2018/2019.

During a meeting between religious leaders, government officials and civil society organizations from mityana district and mps on the health committee of parliament led by the chairperson DR Michael Bukenya, the Mityana Diocese Anglican Bishop; Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Kazimba said that said that its their duty as religious leaders to
have a vision for the people in order for them not to perish.

Kazimba adds he supports family planning because it was about family life quoting proverbs chapter 29 verse 18‘‘ it says without vision people will perish and this provokes my ministry and this is actually a force behind what we do. ’´’ he said

Bishop kazimba told the meeting that when he was made a bishop 10 years ago, he realised a missing gap in area of education health, work and development he decided participate more because development is very important, quotes John chapter1o verse taking about having life in abundance .

Kazimba however said that although he supports family planning, but he was not in support of abortion, saying he was an abortion survivor ‘‘my father was a polygamist and my mother attempted to abort,iam th only child in that family now but see now where am , it is the reason why we have to support family planning .

The bishop said that he supports family planning 100% and he has only four children. The district health officer DR Lwasampijja Fred said that with the support of religious leaders and faith for family health initiative an
NGO in Mityana, the district has been able to implement a 5 years family planning costed plan.

The district allocates part of its budget to family planning services such as supplies and educating women and girls on how to use them.

DR Lwasa say that although teenage pregnancy in the district has been reduced to 9.7% in 2015 when they launched this family planning costed plan the percentage has now short up to 19.9 % in 2018 due to shortage of supplies.

Lwasa also points out the biggest challenges they face in implementing the use of family planning services as being low involvement of the males and increasing demand for the supplies compared to the supplies among others.

The chairperson of the health committee of parliament Dr Micheal Bukenya assured the religious leaders that the issues of family planning as well as drug stock outs will be considered as they go through the budget process adding that his committee had already agreed with the family planning consortium to ring fence the money for family planning services.

Police calls out survivors of the Lake Victoria boat accident to testify

By Robert Ssegawa

Day six Police and UPDF Marine teams continue with the search of possible missing persons and property following the boat accident on L.Victoria is still on going. So far two outboard engines, the metallic part of canopy that had submerged into the lake at the scene of accident of the MV Templar wreckage have been recovered and delivered offshore.

The wreckage of the boat that was retrieved yesterday, 33 people confirmed dead where the actual numbers of those missing still not known.

On Wednesday police called on MV Kabalega to help in retrieving the killer boat after trying with local fishermen manually to pull the wreckage. The police director of operations Asuman Mugyenyi has asked the survivors to come out and give their testimony to help in investigating the matter.

“We call upon the survivors to come out in good faith and give their testimony, you are not suspects only we want to verify the claims from the public whether the number on boat were correct or wrong ,says Mugyenyi.

He adds that police needs to get even more truth of the survivors, as intelligence shows that very many people survived and they don’t want to come out though police has a list of big people who are known to board the boat are still hiding.

Mugyenyi further explains that the intention is in good faith to exactly know how many people are still missing. Last week over 100 revellers board MV Templar to Palm Beach in Mukono and capsized left over 30 people dead and 26 were rescued that very night.

Pastor sodomizes a 16 year old male church flock

By Robert Ssegawa

Mukono: Police have arrested a Born again pastor affiliated with Living Gospel Church located in Mukono and The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries located in Ntinda for allegedly sodomizing a 16 year old male member of his flock.

Simon Mpinga alias Pastor Ronnie 31 was arrested on 27 November 2018 around 10am following a report filed against him by the victim.

According to a case reported at Mukono Police vide SD REF 38/25/11/2018, it’s alleged that the victim had requested for 20000/= (Twenty Thousand Uganda Shillings) from the pastor. He however told the boy that the money was at his home. Mpinga asked the victim to proceed and wait from his house promising to provide him with the requested financial assistance.

In his statement the victim said that the pastor arrived at home late in company of his friend and offered him some booze which he declined. Mpinga then convinced the victim to sleep over since it was already getting late.

“In the middle of the night he started caressing, squeezing as he drew closer and eventually started kissing me. I tried to resist but he was strong and threatened to harm me if i didn’t. However promised to introduce me to a new life of earning dollars and being rich,” the victim told police.

Its alleged that the victim applied a lubrication cream onto the victim’s anus and sodomized him. He then called in his friend to capture a video and still photos of the acts saying the donors would increase his funding.

After waking up in the morning, the victim was severely injured and discovered a seminal fluid discharge coming out of his anus. He was then escorted to Bank of Africa Mukono Branch and given 10000/= (Ten thousand uganda shillings only) as part of the money he had requested for.

The victim who was by that time in a very critical health condition and had faced the worst form of sexual abuse with multiple effects decided to open up to his mother who immediately reported the matter to police.

The victim was subjected to a medical examination and the doctor’s report confirmed an unnatural sexual connection had been committed in violation of Uganda’s Penal Code Act.

Further inquiries reveal Pastor Simon Mpinga as a habitual sodomy suspect after investigators confirming this as the second time he is being arrested at Mukono Police Station on sodomy charges.

The suspect was first arrested in May 2016 vide SD REF 23/12/05/2016 on sodomy allegations however managed to bribe his way into the victim’s family and the case prematurely closed after expression of no further interest in the case by the victim’s family.

Attempts to secure him a bond by some legal officers claiming to be affiliated with *Uganda Human Rights Commission* today were futile and the suspect is currently detained at Mukono Police Station.

*In Uganda, Sodomy (Homosexuality) is illegal.*
According to Section 145 (a) of the Penal Code Act, any person who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for life.

Nobert Mao doesn’t trust Constitution review commission committee. They’re NRM carders

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic party well comes the idea of the Constitution review commission, but it doesn’t trust the members who are nominated on it. The president general of DP Nobert Mao while addressing the media at their offices in Kampala, says that the selection which was made will not reflect the views of members of the public since they were not involved.

He sighted the examples of the former attorney general DR Kiddu Makubuya who didn’t handle the issue of Oil in good way, while other members are staunch NRM carders.

This is in reaction to the letter forwarded to the president containing the proposed committee appointees by the minister of justice and constitutional affairs Maj General Kahinda Otafire.

The president general of DP Nobert Mao while addressing the media at  their offices in Kampala
The president general of DP Nobert Mao while addressing the media at their offices in Kampala

He sighted the examples of the former attorney general DR Kiddu Makubuya who didn’t handle the issue of Oil in good way, while other members are staunch NRM carders.

This is in reaction to the letter forwarded to the president containing the proposed committee appointees by the minister of justice and constitutional affairs Maj General Kahinda Otafire.

Mao says that since July 2017 democratic party have agitated for a review commission in the time of private members bill_ Kogikwatako but they were not given chance to have their views appropriately.

He gives the examples of representation where members of the public needed to hold absolute power on the proposed law on the issue of representation.

He is cautiously optimistic about the individuals who are appointed saying they are like forest leaves, and the committee needs young blood from the old carders, says Mao.

All along DP has been agitating on issues including independent of parliament and reducing its size from the big number to a reasonable one which will have autonomy on the legislation discussed and passed into an act.

He further notes that the judiciary has to be independent without siding with the government to give the necessary justice where it’s viable and the autonomy of the electoral commission which is under the same ministry.

Parliamentary committee sets up a team that will read all documents submitted by Bank of Uganda

By Edwin Muhumuza

The parliamentary committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises(COSASE) yesterday decided to set up a team that will read all documents that are mainly confidentially submitted from Bank of Uganda for purposes of scrutiny. Chairperson, Abdu Katuntu said there will be no photocopying or taking photos of the documents to avoid leaking them to the public.

‘I set up a two-man committee involving one person from the NRM and one from the opposition, Hon Twesiime and Hon Medard Ssegona. They are going to be handling the confidential issues supervised by the vice. However, this information is not restricted to them because even members may access it for purposes of reading. No reproduction, No photocopies or even phones…’Katuntu said.

Meantime, the committee also accused Bank of Uganda of wrongfully closing Teefe Bank in 1993. Hon. Katuntu said that the then Finance Minister Jehoash Mayanja Nkangi did not have the power to order its closure on grounds that he based on the Bank Act of 1963 instead of the Financial Institutions Statute of 1993.

And as legislators began to point out more faults and seemingly about to condemn the Central Bank officials, there were appeals for patience at this stage of the probe.

‘now that we have ascertained their responses about the law, we are not going to judge anything at this point, let’s go through the process until the end, before we can make conclusions because we shall have heard all the information we need’ Katuntu remarked.

Earlier Bank Of Uganda Governor Tumusiime Mutebile was faulted over wrong and contradictions in his response about the dates of the closure of Teffe Bank. What was reflected in the response was not accurate according to the committee chair, Abdu Katuntu who noted that it was closed on 4th November 1993, and not in February 1993 as reported.

This amid arguments about the different legal regimes they acted to close it;1969 Bank Act or the Financial Institutions Statute 1993.

Members expressed disappointment amid calls for the Bank officials to go on oath, thus invoking powers of a High court to penalize witnesses over the contradictions.

While members mulled at the circumstances surrounding the failure of the Teefe Bank, Bank of Uganda Governor Emmanuel Mutebile revealed that he would not intend to reopen any of the defunct banks. This while responding to queries from Aruu county MP, Odonga Otto. ‘In principal, I would never dream of reopening a bank I have closed before.’

The committee will meet BOU officials every day except Saturday and Sunday until they are done.

46,659 candidates will sit for the UBTEB exams.

The number of candidates joining vocational and technical institutions is increasing according to the Uganda business and technical examination board showing that people have started to appreciate skills training.

While announcing the November to December Uganda business and technical examinations, the executive secretary of UBTEB Onesmus Oyesigye said that people have been pushed to do technical studies because they have realized this is where they can easily be employed.


‘ we are seeing un employment even pushing graduates to those courses, parents didn’t want their children to do such studies but they are now sending those with first grades. Oyesigye said

About 46,659 candidates will sit for the UBTEB exams which commence on 19 the 19th of this month and end on 26 November.

Oyesigye said over 450 scouts plus 5,658 supervisors have been deployed to monitor the exams. The Uganda business and technical examinations board have also warned parents against sending their children to vocational institutions that are not registered with the board as their qualifications will not be recognized.

Kadaga Honored for defeating LGBTQI agenda in Uganda

By Edwin Muhumuza

Parliament has moved a motion to commend the speaker Rebecca Kadaga towards her stance against homosexuality on the global scene. This upon her accomplishments alongside a contingent of Ugandan legislators during the 139th Inter Parliamentary Union( IPU),which took place in Geneva, under the theme ,’strengthening the global regime for migrants and refugees,-the need for evidence-based policy solutions.’

Representatives from the pro-gay nations moved an amendment to the IPU rules to have the debate on the rights of homosexuals even after objections from mainly Muslim and African members.

Courtesy Photo: During the 139th Inter Parliamentary Union( IPU),which took place in Geneva
Courtesy Photo: During the 139th Inter Parliamentary Union( IPU),which took place in Geneva

The proposal moved by the IPU standing committee on Democracy and Human Rights was meant to be considered during the IPU general assembly sitting but members of the committee decided to introduce amendments to rules that could make it impossible for the General Assembly to change or debate anything passed by the standing committee.

However, The committee on Democracy and Human Rights chaired by Botswana argued that the proposal had received overwhelming support in the committee and that the decision should be adopted without debate in the Assembly prompting  the IPU president, Gabriela Cuevas Barron to propose that members lobby in order to vote on a question whether the Assembly can change the work plan and agenda of the standing committees.

Ugandan legislators led by speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, rallied other legislators in different geopolitical groups to support the motion, which could allow the Assembly to amend different issues in the committee report that had already been adopted by a smaller group of pro-gay supporters.

 Protesters outside Uganda House in London demonstrate against the Ugandan anti-gay bill in 2009. © 2009 Getty Images

Protesters outside Uganda House in London demonstrate against the Ugandan anti-gay bill in 2009. © 2009 Getty Images

An excerpt of the motion seen by Capital Radio reads in part; APPRECIATING the brave performance by the Rt. Hon. Speaker in defending cultural norms and values of Africans in general and Ugandans, in particular, which norms and values shape the future direction of this great notion, and above all, aspire to uphold the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED by this lOth Parliament to: Congratulate the Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda and urge her to remain firm in her persistent commitment to uphold African values. Appeal to members of IPU and the international community to respect cultural values and aspirations of each member state.

Urge all Ugandans to wholly remain firm in defense of our values and opposition to foreign sexual practices such as homosexuality. Urge Ugandan officials who engage in international business on behalf of Uganda to, at all times, promote her interests rather than those of other notions.Urge government to identify and deal firmly with Non-Governmental Organizations which serve as the main conduit for dissemination and promotion of homosexuality and other decadent practices in Uganda.

Donors from Europe are behind the increased begging among the disabled people on Kampala streets.

Nokrach William Wilson
Hon. Nokrach William Wilson

Uganda Member of Parliament representing the disabled people William Nokrach has accused some donors from Europe to be behind the increased begging among the disabled people on Kampala streets.

Speaking to Honorable Nokorach at parliament, he alleged that according to his research, a donor who is getting funds from Europe accommodates some people living with disabilities at night and sends them on the streets during day time.

Nokrach the mp representing disabled people from northern Uganda in parliament also says that they have raised the issues with the authorities including security organs but nothing has been done.

The mp who speaks with pain, say it is very difficult to stop this business because the disabled people look at as means of survival.




“One time I visited them after evening work, I saw them drinking whisky, wines, eating very well.  So they look at it as a kind of employment, it is very difficult to stop it.

Nokrach said I think this donor is very aggressive he gets money for that project but we have never seen the project document but he is ever there with them, he sits around them during  dayand takes photos and they are taken back to Europe to raise money.

I asked the MP whether he had lost hope on the matter after raising it with the authorities including the ministry of gender and they did not take action.

This is what he said, I have not lost hope, am trying to think of what an be done so that they have something meaningful to do. It is not only resources, it is an issue of mindset because when they come here they get ready money which they cannot get easily while at home.

Early this year Government withdrew the Persons with Disabilities Bill 2014 from parliament on claims that a new draft Bill was at mature stages before the First Parliamentary Council and would soon be ready for tabling.

The PWDs bill was seeking for the elimination of discrimination against PWDs, encouraging all sectors of government and community to provide and include disability issues into all economic, political and
social development policies and programs.

The Supreme Court sets new dates for Age Limit appeal hearing.

By Sania Babirye
The Supreme Court has set the 15th and 16th of January 2019 to hear an appeal filed in respect of a  Mable Constitutional court ruling that upheld  Constitutional amendments which lifted the cap from the minimum and maximum presidential age – limit.
This is after today  the parties involved in this appeal held a conferencing hearing before a panel of 7 justices headed by the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and presented to court the outcome of a meeting they had yesterday at the Ministry of Justice boardroom.
The Attorney General  William Byaruhanga who is the head of the bar has addressed  court that in yesterday ‘s meeting parties agreed to consolidate the 3 appeals into one because they all rise from the same judgement and address similar issues, that parties agreed on 8 issues to be determined by court and that lastly  parties opted to file written submissions following schedules given by court as opposed to oral submissions which consume time.
Among the agreed issues is one  whether the  4  Constutional court  justices who were part of the panel that  heard  the petition at Mbale committed procedural errors , whether they erred in law and fact to hold that the removal of the presidential and LCV officials  age -limit was not inconsistent with the Constitution .
Others are  whether the justices erred in law and fact to hold that the entire process of conceptualizing, debating and enactment of the age-limit law didnot contravene the constitution and whether or not the presence of violence in and outside Parliamnet during the debating of the Age -limit bill didnot contravene the constitution.
The Chief Justice has ordered  that  parties should  file and serve each other with  their  written submissions of not more than 50 pages  by not later than  31st /December/2018 .
After which ; the Justice  Katureebe  ordered that each party wil have an honour to adress and highlight its submissions on the 15th and 16th /January 2018 following which court will retire to write and deliver its judgement on notice .
However as it has become a  norm , one of the appellants lawyer Male Mabirizi had rejected one of the justices on the panel;  Richard Buteera but the Cheif Justice Katureebe was quick to a dress his fears saying justice Buteera is sitting on today’s panel for pre-trial purposes but Justice Eldard Mwangusya  who is currently out of the country is the one to sit on the quorum to hear the actual appeal .
Mabirizi also raised an application to summon the speaker of Parliamnet Rebecca Kadaga for cross-examination during the hearing but justice Katureebe informed him that there was no quorum to hear his application.
In court the appellants including Uganda Law society , 6 opposition MPs and Male Mabirizi and the respondent ;  AG William Byaruhanga together with his deputy Mwesigwa Rukuntana were present.

Start censuring the ministers who have failed on their duties – Hon. Ssekikubo

The Member of Parliament for Rwemiyaga county Theodore Ssekikubo asks parliament  to start the process of censuring the ministers who have failed on their duties.

This is after minister for Internal affairs Jeje Odong and his junior minister Kania Obiga failed to show up in the Parliament Defence Committee as officials from the police force had been invited to explain a number of issues in line with of expenditure of the budget as passed by parliament, violence in the country and general security in the country.

Courtesy Photo: Theodore Ssekikubo
Courtesy Photo: Theodore Ssekikubo

The MPs sitting on this committee said they could not go ahead to interface with the officials from police who are under the internal affairs ministry when their political heads had not appeared despite them being notified and invited for this same meeting.

The committee chairperson Doreen Amule had first insisted the meeting goes on considering the  fact that the witnesses had appeared but she was challenged by a number of MPs including Theodore Ssekikubo, Mubaraka Munyagwa, Donozio kahonda and Nakaseke woman MP Sarah Najjuma  going against the parliament rules of procedures.

Sekikubo explains that its becoming fond of several ministers to follow short of their duties as on several occasions fail to show up in parliament to answer particular issues hence it’s high time such ministers be censured.