UCC investigating Bugingo’s utterances against wife

By Alice Lubwama
Government will take appropriate action against, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of Prayer Ministries if the Uganda communications commission finds out that his utterances against her wife Teddy Naluswa offended the minimum broadcasting standards.

This was in response to a matter raised in parliament this afternoon by Kampala woman mp Nabirah Nagayi ssempala who said that Bugingo’s utterances left many women in pain since this is an illness which women suffer as a result of maternal responsibility. “We have watched with pain the utterances of Pastor Bugingo both on Radio and television and listened with agony the insulting words the same individual has been spilling out.” Nabira added

Nabirah called all leaders to condemn the utterances by Bugingo since their stigmatize those women who are living with fistula, yet many agencies including the Kabaka of Buganda are working hard to stop, and treat the stigmatizing of this illness.

she has asked the responsible ministry to handle the matter urgently and seriously. Responding on the matter on behalf of the information minister, the state minister for housing Chris Baryomunsi said that the Uganda communications commission has already secured the footage and is standing the utterances to prove whether the law was broken.

” I want to join you in condemning that kind of irresponsible talk, and as Government we took note of the offensive communication uttered by the said pastor and the Uganda communications commission took note of it , warned him against the utterances , recovered the footage and recordings and now standing them.

Speaking on the matter, Rubaga North mp Moses kasibante wondered whether government has a mechanism of regulating the pastors, saying that there is a pastor in his constituency who lines up women during his sermons ans ask them to talk about their bedroom experience. The minister in response said that although there is freedom of worship in the country , pastors and other religious leaders should not infringe the rights of believers in pretext of faith.

Nyanzi’s fate to be sealed on Friday

Buganda road court has set this Friday the 21st of June to determine whether or not troubled Makerere University researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi should defend herself on charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

The date has been set by grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu after Prosecution closed its case today with three witnesses.

Today, the third witness Detective ASP Harriet Kenyana attached to police Media Crimes Department testified before court that she failed to record a statement from Dr. Nyanzi because Dr.Nyanzi and her lawyer Isaac Ssemakade were too hostile, partly collaborating the evidence of the first prosecution witness, ASP Bill Ndyamuhaki.

However, when defense lawyer Derrick Bazekuketta cross examined He and tasked her to show in her statement were she indicated that Nano and Ssemakade were hostile, she instead informed court that she had not indicated the said statement in her official statement.

Now Nyanzi awaits this Friday to know whether the state did adduce sufficient evidence to rule a case to answer against Nyanzi or will she set her free and dismiss the said charges for lack of sufficient evidence.

Yesterday, Dr. Stellah Nyanzi was advised to stop using obscene language and being vulgar after a second witness confessed to court that he had seen the said alleged obscene post on her Facebook page and it was indeed offensive .

The advise was given by 63 year old Charles Dalton Opwonya the second witness and also a High court advocate and a representative of the Uganda Law Society on the pornographic control committee in the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity.

Oponya also chose to testify under oath because he believes that swearing with a Bible is a sin.

He informed court that on the 21st of September 2018, he visited Facebook on a memorial day for his deceased wife bu shockingly, he landed on an obscene post that had been written and posted by Nyanzi .

Opwonya further testified that had held Dr. Nyanzi in high regard as a senior researcher but after seeing her publicly stripping naked at Makerere University and on top of writing what he has termed as disgusting poems” ; he lost all the respect he had for her .

Opwonya who claimed to have reported the alleged obscene matter to the OC CID Kampala Metropolitan -Kampala has however faced a uphill task answering questions in cross-examination put to him by Nyanzi’s lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde .

He however through out his testimony condemned the use of vulgar words in Nyanzi’s poems as against to culture .

In May this year also in an effort to strength her defense, Dr. Stellah Nyanzi hired a computer law expert Derrick Bazekukeeta to testify in her favor.

Her lawyer Isaac Semakade revealed that Bazekukeeta was to testify to prove loopholes in the evidence that state’s first prosecution witness and also a lead investigator Bill Ndyamuhaki’s testified in court in an effort to prove that the said charges are baseless .

And during his cross-examination, Bakezukeeta informed Kamasanyu that Nyamuhaki’s testimony missed out on critical issues such as the devices used by Nyanzi to post the alleged obscene messages , the location where the posts were made and a possibility of someone possibly hacking into Dr. Stellah Nyanzi’s Facebook account.

Bakezukeeta explained that hacking is possible since one of the posts was allegedly made when Dr.Nyanzi was in a prison cell where electronic gadgets are not allowed .

He further stated that as a result state mere based on assumptions than the required proof in electronic communication cases .

On the 20th of March, the cyber crime investigation officer attached to CID Bill Ndyamuhaki 32 told court that he investigated the alleged offenses after the director of CID ordered him to do so

He began by telling court that on the 16th of September 2018 he investigated the alleged post on Dr.Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook face page and found them offensive in nature, crude, obscene and indecent.

He said that the content was sexually offensive because it talked about sexual parts which is offensive to any reasonable person in society including the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, his family and friends .

He red to court the alleged post and cited statements like “Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, they say it was your birthday yesterday, I wish the smelly itchy cream coloured candida Festering in Esteri’s cunt, had suffocated you to death during birth, I wish the lice filled bush and dirty public hair of a grown Esteri’s unwashed chuchu had strangled you at birth, i wish the acidic path Flooding Esteri’s cast Virgina canal had burnt up your unborn fetus, Yoweri, they say it was your birthday Yesterday, how painfully having a day, I wish your mother Esteri’s smelling virgina would not have given birth to you, I wish Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was a still birth that came from a smelling stinking candy, I wish Esteri’s virgina was burnt as badly as you have burnt up our morals and professionalism out of our public institutions in Uganda among others.

In the alleged post red in court, Dr.Nyanzi concludes her post by writing that “if you(Yoweri) want to beat me then find me at my home, ask the bodaboda man to direct you to Mama Stella’s house i refuse to be ganged.

He told court that he established the post and found out that Esteri is the president’s mother Esteri Kokudenka who was referred to in the post.

He said that he found out that Esteri is the president’s mother because in the post Dr Nyanzi referred to Esteri as President Museveni’s mother

That he came to know that it was Dr.Stella’s account because he used the telephone numbers used to activate the Facebook page and it was that of Dr.Stella Nyanzi.

He further told court that he established that the Facebook page was activated by Dr.Stella Nyanzi ‘s email address that starts with figure S in the middle, with five figures and i as the last letter and her email Stella Nyanzi at yahoo.com.

He also told court that he probed more on her yahoo account and established that it was activated by a number that ended with 17 which corresponded with his earlier finding of the same number that activated the Facebook page Stella Nyanzi.

He said that he went ahead and looked at the accussed’s MTN number which also ended with 17.

He added that he later got the number of the accused and processed a court order for sim card identification to establish if the number belonged to the accused, served the court order to MTN and there by obtained the sim card registration.

That as a result he established that the number was registered in the names of Stella Nyanzi by using also her passport.

He also told court that the SIM card registration details also contained Dr.Stella Nyanzi’s picture,Mobile number 0771 824117 and the applicant being Dr.Stella Nyanzi, date of birth 16th June 1974, Ugandan with passport number B0890700 a resident of Kampala Central and her signature and a copy of the bio data passport page with names of Nyanzi Stella, profession Anthropologists, place of Birth Jinja and date of acquisition 31st August 2011 and date of expiry 31st August 2021 National ID number with first name Stella last Nyanzi which she got in the 21st of May 2018 among others.

He told court that he got through Dr Nyanzi’s page by accessing her personal data through her yahoo email and printed it out.

He also told court that he follows Dr.Stella Nyanzi ‘s face book page since early 2017 because he was part of the investigation team that investigated an earlier related and similar matter in 2017.

He added that since he had been following Dr Stella for sometime, he was able to access the post and when this investigations came up he extracted the alleged statements from her page

Prosecutions also tendered in court the extracted documents (Facebook post) from alleged Dr.Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook page by the witness who is also a follower her cyber subscription foam signed on by thr suspect, her actual copy of the passport she used to get the alleged MTN number among others


At the beginning of March, grade one magistrate Gladys Kamaaanyu declined to dismiss the offensive communication and cyber harassment charges against troubled Makerere University jailed Researcher Dr. Stellah Nyanzi .

Magistrate Kamasanyu agreed with the state and accepted an amended charge sheet in which Dr.Nyanzi is accussed of uploading and distributing an offensive and obscene message on her Facebook page and there by disturbing of the president and invading his privacy in September 2018.

Magistrate Kamasanyu then ordered state to present its witnesses since the charges were propery brought before court, read and explained to Dr.Nyanzi in a language that her lawyer Issac Ssemakade said she understood before later denying the charges.

On the 31st of January 2019, Dr.Nyanzi voluntarily appeared before grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu after refusing to appear in court on the 17th .

She did this against an advise from her medical doctor to not attend court until until she receives adequate post-abortion care due to an alleged miscarriage she suffered while on remand at Luzira prison.

Ssemakade told court that the charges against his client are duplicated and can not be proved by the state.

He explained that the first charge of cyber harassment in respect to Dr.Nyanzi’s alleged post on her facebook page on the 16th of September 2018, can mean Nude, obscene, and indecent and can stand as independent in their own by the law.

He said that combining them to firm ine count of a charge is illegal and prejudice to Dr.Nyanzi.

He then asked court to set Dr.Nyanzi free because the charges are baseless.l saying they are unconstitutional and duplicated since they cannot stand independently on their own.

According to Ssemakade there was lack of precision and clarity on the charges Dr.Nyanzi is charged because state did not follow the right procedures of framing the charges and conducting fair investigations .

Ssemakade had accused state of merely suggesting and proposing to police to carry out investigations on charges that are not particular or well stated.

Ssemakade further stated that such rules were violated from the time Dr.Nyanzi was arrested,detained interrogated , framing of charges, Pre taking and finally trial .

Ssemakade further claims that all this shows how the state is repressive against its own people especially opponents which he says his client is fade up with including a judicial system that operates under capture .

He also states that if the judicial system including the magistrate in this case fails to exercise justice fairly, then they will add her on the list of those who helped the regime to violate rights of Ugandans especially those from the opposition.

Ssemakade had said that the magistrate had the powers of stopping any state castrated tyranny,torture and mistreatment of those that oppose the regime.

Meanwhile the Uganda Human Rights commission started investigating allegations that Luzira prison Authorities have denied Troubled Makerere university researcher Dr.Stella Nyanzi her post Antenatal and post abortion care including Antenatal medical records and access to her private doctors after she allegedly suffered a miscarriage while on remand.

Ssemakade said the investigations started on Monday the 29th of January and Dr.Stella Nyanzi was expected to be interviewed on the 31st of January.
Ssemakade who welcomed the move by Human Rights commission, however said that it was absurd that it required external intervention by Human rights Commission for someone to access basic rights at Luzira Prison.

Ssemakade also said that Dr.Nyanzi was fearful on whether her inmates at Luzira prison who are willing to give evidence will be protected and that they won’t be gauged.
On the 10th of January Prosecutions asked court to dismiss Nyanzi’s application on grounds that the charges are lawful.

The DPP maintained the charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication against Dr.Nyanzi saying they were sanctioned and drafted in accordance with the Law.

Buganda Road court Resident state attorney Janat Kitimbo, informed court that the charges as they stand drafted disclose the time ,period of when they are allegedly committed , the specific place and which is Kampala on Stellah Nyanzi official Facebook page and also disclose the precise allegations and motive which is to disturb the peace and privacy of President M7 through distributing an obscene and lude message.

Nyanzi through her lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde in December 2018 asked court to dismiss the said charges against her for being bad in law .

prosecution however insisted that the two counts of charges were distinct offenses contained in counts of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

Kitimbo added that if court allowed her to present her readily available witnesses, her evidence will be in respect of all the 2 counts.

Nyanzi is at Luzira prison after refusing to seek bail and she is facing charges including attacking the privacy of President Museveni and that of his late mother , Esteri Kokundeka through her social media Facebook page.

Prosecution states that while armed with a motive to disturb the peace of President M7, Nyanzi posted obscene messages on her official face book page(Stellah Nyanzi) while attacking the privacy of the President .

Tiwa Savage, Wizkid all at the UBA 70 years Celebration in Nigeria

By Edwin Muhumuza

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc celebrated 70 years of operations . The platinum anniversary was combined with the bank’s annual CEO awards ceremony as members of staff from all 23 countries of operations who had excelled over the past year were rewarded in the midst of thousands of guests.

The Chairman, UBA Plc, Mr. UBA Celebrates 70 years with CEO Awards gala, accompanied by his wife Dr. Awele, remarked that UBA remains a leading financial institution on the continent and hitting the 70th year mark was a laudable achievement.

He said, “It is a time to celebrate UBA’s rich heritage and legacy over 70 years and to tell everyone who has contributed to what UBA is today, that we appreciate all they have been doing and how they have ensured that the investment put into the bank over the past decades have paid off.”

The Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, spoke about the banks’ achievements over the past 70 years and some of its objectives for the coming years, commending staff for their hard work and resilience that have contributed to UBA retaining its position as Africa’s top bank of choice.


“Every year, it is our tradition to appreciate our people who have put in their very best and gone far and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent services to our customers and this year is even more exciting as we celebrate 70 years of our existence.

From Uganda, Chief Dealer, Isaac Kasozi Iga scooped an Award of Excellence for his remarkable contribution as one of the main revenue contributors to the Group.

Chairman of Zenith bank, Jim Ovia ,commended the management and staff of the bank, adding that UBA remains one of the greatest banks in Sub Saharan Africa and is built to last. He congratulated all staff and shareholders noting that he should have bought UBA shares but it was not too late to do that.

In attendance at the epic night of activities, were royal fathers, captains of industry, political leaders, clients and friends of the bank. Some of the guests present were the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye, Enitan Ogunwusi; the Emir of Kano represented by the Sarkin Shanun of Kano, Alhaji Shehu Mohammed; Former and Present Governors of Cross Rivers State.Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babaginda who could not attend the event sent in letters of congratulations to commend the bank on its landmark achievements.

At the celebrations, the story of UBA was depicted in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical of the Lion King. Serengeti depicts the story of the young cub who grew into a strong Lion, in spite of the odds, and empowered all the other animals in the jungle. Great performances by A-list artists such as ‘science students’ crooner, Olamide, Phyno,Patoranking, Dbanj and female sensation, Tiwa Savage entertained the audience of over 2500 guests. The surprise act which ended the night on a high, was the performance by award winning Nigerian artist, Wizkid.

Equity bank extends to rural areas to help youth

By Edwin Muhumuza

Equity Bank Uganda and DYNAMIC-(Driving Youth-Led Agribusiness and Microenterprise) program have launched a partnership to bring access to formal financial services closer to the youth through Equity’s Bank’s agency banking and digital finance model,equi-duuka.

Executive Director Equity Bank, Anthony Kituuka while speaking to Capital Radio,noted that they will be targeting 126,000 youth in nine districts in Northern Uganda including Agago,Kabong, Lira ,Abim and others. He added that ‘Equity has a financial structure , the money to lend if they want to borrow, capability to train them and using Equi-Duuka’s as our agency banking model to plant Equi-duukas everywhere and have the banks financial services accessible to farmers .’he said.

Agriculture is traditionally and has been a no–go area for many commercial banks in Uganda due to the immense risk associated with farming. This on account of poor farming methods, unreliability of markets and uncertain weather patterns

However Kituuka said that they see opportunity in northern Uganda especially, peace, flat terrain of land as well as rain. ‘We will ensure partnerships that link farmers to processors and markets, transforming farmers from small holders to agribusiness while engaging youth aged between 15-24 years.This in various aspects for example in research ,finding markets, improving farm techniques, access to financial services. Now Goal has the largest pool of youth whom they want to get engaged in gainful employment.’

GOAL Uganda, Country Director ,Jennifer Williams said that the growing youth population in Uganda is a great opportunity for the country’s economic development. ‘Creating decent and dignified employment and self-employment for this young population is our main objective in DYNMAIC program. The partnership with Equity Bank will definitely help to achieve this objective” she said.

DYNAMIC Program Director Netsaalem Gebrie noted that the partnership is meant to increase financial inclusion in northern Uganda and as a program they want to ensure increase in youth employment through providing whole skill training, vocational training ensuring

The head of Agency Banking, Julius Musiime when asked about the uncertinities such venture is likely to face said they were prepared for the risks because of the experience obtained at group level in Kenya,even in other areas of Uganda including Kasese with cotton, northern Uganda in Atiak with Sugarcanes. ‘Our role is to ensure that we support them and there is also a bit of financial literacy, connecting them to agricultural extension workers to ensure they embrace the best practices as well as markets to ensure that all their produce is sold. We are seeing it as an opportunity.’ He said.The total value of investment in the partnership is over Shs.200million.

Ugandans dissatisfied with COSASE

By Edwin Muhumuza

Debate on the COSASE report starts this Tuesday (26 February) on the floor of parliament amid high expectations that maybe officials implicated by the probe will be brought to book. What the public is demanding for already are the heads of the culprits.

When it was finally completed and read to the house a section of the public said it had promised too much but only to deliver too little.

While appearing on the Capital Gang Radio Show, Chairperson Abdu Katuntu expressed disgust that members of the public did not appreciate the role of other state institutions. This was in response to claims that his report was toothless and that culprits would walk away free as had been noted in other previous parliamentary reports especially the oil handshake report.

…‘a parliamentary committee report goes to the house where it may be adopted, dismissed or amended. When you have government institutions, they work in accordance with the law. Why we talk about the rule of law is to have different institutions perform different roles. Do not expect a parliament of a republic or a parliament of any country to start having the powers to prosecute or arrest. What will the Judiciary do, Katuntu argued!’

In 2017, Ugandans were angry that 36 government officials shared Shs.6 billion oil bonus code-named the “golden presidential handshake” by officials from the Justice ministry, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Ministry of Finance among others. It was this same committee that probed the saga and in public view nothing has been done about the officials. This was one of the issues that Katuntu had to explain in recent weeks amid intense criticism from sections within his FDC party including his successor MP Mubarak Munyagwa for what they said was incompetence during his two and a half tenure as COSASE Chairman.

Now another major report is due for debate by public representatives and the question being asked is what will the discussion help if nothing may be done to those the report seems to indict?

Katuntu says, ‘our focus was in the actions more than individuals because at the end of the day there are state agencies that should be able to take up the individuals. What we did was to say, look here, actually, we used two words deliberately, the officers and officials who participated in this process should take full and personal responsibility. That covers their actions but we imagine that other state agencies now go and look at exactly who handled this process’.

For over two months, Bank Of Uganda (BOU), officials led by the governor Tumusiime Mutebile appeared before the committee chaired by the Bugweri County MP to answer to queries raised by the auditor general’s confidential special audit report which revealed weaknesses in the management of Central Bank and questioned the Governor and his team for the hitches in the closure of at least seven commercial banks.

The sale of Crane Bank, however seemed to have opened a can of worms after the proprietor businessman Sudhir Ruparelia accused Bank of Uganda of being unfair. Crane Bank was a commercial bank licensed and supervised by the Bank of Uganda, the national banking regulator with total assets‎ amounting to approximately ‎UGX 1.81 trillion employing over 600 staff.

This was a much bigger financial entity compared to the other defunct banks and certainly had to attract immense public attention including the media. In his new report to Parliament, the Auditor General, Mr John Muwanga, queried BoU officials on the flaws in the closure of Teefe Bank (1993), International Credit Bank Ltd (1998), Greenland Bank (1999), The Co-operative Bank (1999), National Bank of Commerce (2012), Global Trust Bank (2014) and the sale of Crane Bank Ltd (CBL) to dfcu (2016)

Most Ugandans are aware that the closure of Crane Bank by Bank of Uganda was illegal, what remains to be seen is what happens to the culprits that were engaged in this illegality and whether other agencies such as the Inspectorate of Government, the ministry of Finance, Criminal Investigations Department of Police will bite.

Girls miss out on education due to cultural beliefs

By Daudi Zirimala
The ministry of Education and Sports says that many girls have not benefited from government programmes educating every child in Uganda because of the cultural beliefs and perceptions.

Speaking during the national Symposium on Girl Education in Uganda which runs under the theme, ‘Reflecting on the gains and setting the agenda for girls Education’, the state minister for Higher Education DR.JC Muyingo many people are still have cultural beliefs that women are meant to get married and start producing children which has denied many girls chance to be educated.

Muyingo says that government wants more girls entering university and tap into professions like ICT, Engineering, Law among others but many of them are deterred from joing university due to cultural belief which he says should be reverted.

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) reported that more than 700,000 girls in Uganda between the ages of six to 12 have never attended school. In fact, around half of girls between the ages of 15 to 24 are illiterate and four in five girls do not attend high school.

A large contributor to low female literacy rates and school attendance rates is that up to 40 percent of girls in Uganda are married before the age of 18.

Around 10 percent of these girls are married before the age of 15. Around 35 percent of girls drop out due to marriage and 23 percent drop out due to pregnancy. In contrast, allowing girls to continue through secondary education significantly reduces the chances of early marriage and childbearing.

UTB, tourism police crack down another fraudster

By Edwin Muhumuza
Kampala, Uganda. February 2, 2019. In another operation with the aid of Tourism Police, Mr. Didan Atukunda from Mamba Gorilla Safari has been arrested for declining to pay back an erroneous payment made by a tourist.

Mr. Atukunda was arrested in a bar in Kabale at 2am by the Tourism Police Regional commandant- Kigezi region, ASP Tinka Emmanuel. The tourist erroneously paid $30.000 instead of $3000 for a trip to trek Gorillas and Mr. Atukunda declined to make the $27,000 refund; forcing the tourist to contact the Uganda Tourism Board. Prior attempts by UTB to discuss and agree to a payment plan between Mr. Atukunda and the touris proved futile leading to the involvement of Tourism Police in a crackdown for Mr. Atukunda’s arrest.
He is currently enroute Kampala from Kabale and will be detained at Jinja Road police station awaiting hearing.

The Uganda Tourism Board through its Quality Assurance department is taking strong interventions to curb crime in the sector.

According to the UTB, Quality Assurance Manager Mr. Samora Semakula, UTB has set up a Tourism security committee consisting of Tourism Police, MTWA and representation from the Association of Uganda Tour Operators with the let aim of tactfully handling fraud and any cases reported by tourists.
Tourism is Uganda’s number one foreign exchange earner. We can not continue to let rogue operators destabilise the growth that we are seeing in the sector. Most importantly we want tourists to enjoy their stay in Uganda. Our role is to ensure quality standards are met in the sector.” Mr.Semakula said.

This brings the number of rogue your operators so far arrested this year to two. In a separate operation, Tourism Police and UTB cracked down and arrested Mr. Mugerwa Ahebwa who
defrauded American tourists of over $18,000. He is currently detained at Jinja Road police station awaiting hearing.

“We shall continue to crackdown rogue operators,”Mr. Semakula reinforces . The tourism industry currently contributes 10 per cent to gross domestic product, making it Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner. The industry contributes more than $1.4b (Shs5.1 trillion) annually and is projected to earn about Shs10 trillion ($2.7b) by 2020.

About the Uganda Tourism Board
Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is a statutory organisation established in 1994. Its role and mandate was reviewed in the Tourism Act of 2008. The Board's mandate is to promote and market Uganda across the region and internationally, promote quality assurance in tourist facilities through training, grading and classification, promote tourism investment, support and act as liaison for the private sector in tourism development. The broader goals of the Board are to increase the contribution of tourism earnings and GDP; improve Uganda’s competitiveness as an international tourism destination; and increase Uganda's share of Africa's and World tourism market. UTB aims to create inclusive opportunities for the tourism sector through market transformation.

Bakaluba Ramathan is the winner: In the Capital FM Win A Car promo

By Gloria Nakiyemba

Bakaluba Ramathan is the winner of brand new Mark II Grande car. Ramathan was announced winner after a draw held at Kisementi based radio station on Thursday.

Capital Radio GM Peter Mungoma snipping the ruffle in the Win A Car Pro 2018/19
Capital Radio GM Peter Mungoma snipping the ruffle in the Win A Car Pro 2018/19

The draw was conducted by Peter Mongoma station general manager live On Air during the Drive Show with of Taatu and Olanya. The general manager commended all companies that partnered with Capital radio to run this promotion for a period of two months.

Bakaluba Ramathan is the winner : Interview live on The Capital FM Drive Show with Tattu And Oulanyah
Bakaluba Ramathan is the winner : Interview live on The Capital FM Drive Show with Tattu And Oulanyah

Mr. Bakaluba told the Tattu and Oulanya live in a phone interview that he entered the draw after buying Air Conditioners from one of the partners Hisense in Wankoko industrial area.

Kanyamunyu pleads not guilty, trial date set

By Sania Babirye
Mathew Kanyamunyu together with his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu have pleaded not guilty to killing social worker Kenneth Akena in November 2016.

The three have appeared alongside other 50 capital offenders in a criminal session presided over by Justice Steven Mubiru.

Joseph Kanyamunyu has also pleaded not guilty to the charge of being an accessory to murder after he allegedly removed a pistol that was allegedly used to shot Akena from Matthew Kanyamunyu’s car at Nakasero hospital were they first rushed the victim for medical attention.

The judge has now set the 21st of January 2019 to start hearing the case.

Kanyamunyu’s girlfriend and also co accused Munwangari has asked for a french interpreter since she is not fluent in the English language.

The judge has also extended their bail applications until then.

Meanwhile, Kanyamunyu and his co accused have hired a team of lawyers led by senior criminal lawyer McDusman Kabega, Caleb Alaka and Evans Ochenge to see that they are set free.

On the 31st of January 2017, the Nakawa court grade one magistrate Noah Sajabi committed Kanyamunyu and his co accused to the High court for trial on the orders of the Director of public prosecutions.
According to the DPP, there is sufficient evidence to prove that on the 12th of November 2016 along Jinja Highway in Kampala district opposite the Uganda manufacturers association Matthew Kanyamunyu shot Akena for accidentally scratching his car.

According to the summary of prosecution’s evidence Matthew and Cynthia claim that they were good Samaritans who helped to rush the late Akena to hospital after unknown person shot him which state is contesting.

The DPP also separately charged Joseph Kanyamunyu with being an accessory after the commission of an offense accusing him of hiding his brothers pistol that was used in the offense. .
Prosecution states that on the 12th if November 2016, Kanyamunyu while driving along with his lover Munwangari at night got into an argument with social worker Akena whom he accused of scratching his car and shot him three times in the stomach.

Kanyamunyu is later said to have disguised as a good Samaritan and rushed injured Akena to Novirk Hospital on Bombo road where he died shortly .

However, Akena is said to have left a dying declaration implicating Mathew Kanyamunyu as his shooter.

Prosecution says it intends to prove the dying declaration through Health workers at Norvik hospital who talked to the deceased before passing away.

The three were granted bail in October 2017 after spending one year and nine months on remand at Luzira prison.

Police calls out survivors of the Lake Victoria boat accident to testify

By Robert Ssegawa

Day six Police and UPDF Marine teams continue with the search of possible missing persons and property following the boat accident on L.Victoria is still on going. So far two outboard engines, the metallic part of canopy that had submerged into the lake at the scene of accident of the MV Templar wreckage have been recovered and delivered offshore.

The wreckage of the boat that was retrieved yesterday, 33 people confirmed dead where the actual numbers of those missing still not known.

On Wednesday police called on MV Kabalega to help in retrieving the killer boat after trying with local fishermen manually to pull the wreckage. The police director of operations Asuman Mugyenyi has asked the survivors to come out and give their testimony to help in investigating the matter.

“We call upon the survivors to come out in good faith and give their testimony, you are not suspects only we want to verify the claims from the public whether the number on boat were correct or wrong ,says Mugyenyi.

He adds that police needs to get even more truth of the survivors, as intelligence shows that very many people survived and they don’t want to come out though police has a list of big people who are known to board the boat are still hiding.

Mugyenyi further explains that the intention is in good faith to exactly know how many people are still missing. Last week over 100 revellers board MV Templar to Palm Beach in Mukono and capsized left over 30 people dead and 26 were rescued that very night.