Children’s rights in Karamoja continue to violated as Africa prepares to commemorate the day of the African child

By Waswa Deo

Leaving home for the street,  committing suicide or denying parents are some of the choices children may resort to if they are extremely neglected and abused by their parents.

14 year old Lagit Caroline who goes to school at Katikit primary school in Amudat district was survived being married off by her father after he was promised cattle by the would be groom. Lagit fled home to her auntie’s place in Moroto.

While speaking at the celebrations of the day of the African child in Kapchworwa, Lagit urged authorities across the country to put in place tough laws to deal with parents who deny their children rights especially  to education.

After Lagit’s experience she initiated and championed the  Katikit Pupil’s rights club which advocates for children’s rights in the karamoja region.

On 16thth June, Africa will be commemorating the day of the African child but children especially in the Karamoja region continue to be subjected to violence and neglect under the guise of cultural norms despite efforts by the government and partners to curb the situation.