Civil society organisation hunts for signatures to halt new taxes

By Deo Wasswa

Civil society budget advocacy group under their coalition “Tax justice alliance Uganda intends to come up with a pledge book to solicit at least 250 signatures from members of parliament to oppose new taxes the government is proposing to introduce on mobile money.
According to the coalition, introducing new taxes on mobile money transaction and leaving out bank transactions untaxed, its a symbol that the government is protecting banks against mobile money business.
Kimera Henry, a member to the coalition says taxing mobile money will affect more of local people who don’t have any idea about the bank services.

The sources from the coalition shows that 41% and 48% of districts out of 112 districts in Uganda lack access to any bank branch and ATM respectively.
Over 6000 schools in Uganda  use mobile money to receive school fees.

The highest proportion of mobile money transaction users, 61% of transact is less than Uganda shillings 45000/=.