Court demands answers on Kitata’s ownership of fire arms

By Sania Babirye

The General court martial has ruled that the jailed Boda Boda 2010 patron Abdulah Kitatta with 9 others have a case to answer about the alleged charges of unlawful possession of fire arms and ammunition.

Army court chair lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti has made the ruling after proving that prosecution led by major Rapheal Mugisha had adduced sufficient evidence to prove the alleged charges.

Those ordered to defend themselves with Kitata include Ngobi Sowali,Kibirige Joel , Mugema Hassan, Ssebatta Hassan, Twinomujuni Amoni,Sekajja Ibrahim and Ssebandeke John

While the three who have been acquitted include Kayondo John, Sengooba Hassan, and Ssemwogerere Sunday.

While acquitting the three the court ruled that the suspects were not at the crime of the scene by the time the offenses were committed.

This month prosecution led by major Rapheal Mugisha concluded its submissions with four witnesses asking court to find that Kitata had a case to answer.
Prosecution presented four witnesses including private Richard Kasaija who testified on the 21st of June that he was part of the police team that arrested Kitata, and that they recovered an SMG gun, three pistols guns, 50 rounds of ammunition, Military uniforms and caps in Kitata’s room and car that was parked in the hotel’s back yard.

However the defense led by Kitata’s Shaban Sanya had asked court to acquit Kitata on grounds that prosecution did not provide sufficient evidence to prove the alleged charges.
On the 17th of july 2017 , Sanywa accused CMI of planting a golden pistol and ammunition that were allegedly recovered in Kitata’s room at Vine Hotel in Wakaliga in Lubaga division on the 20th of January were he was arrested while in hiding.

Kitata and now 9 others are charged with unlawful possession of firearms and Military gear.

Kitata faces 5 counts of being in unlawful possession of an SMG gun, 3 pistols and 50 rounds of live ammunitions that prosecution states were found on him on 18th/January 2018 at vine hotel in Wakaliga.

According to Prosecution the above items are a monopoly of the UPDF.