Court to give verdict on defiler’s case on Thursday

By Sania Babirye
The high court in Kampala has the 18th of this week to sentence a now 43 year old man who defiled a primary three pupil from the bathroom in 2016.

The date has been set by High court Justice Flavia Senoga Anglin after Lubega Bashir who was 39 years old at the time of the offense pleaded guilty to the offense of aggravated defilement of a 12 year old girl on the 17th of February 2016 at Kisenyi zone one, Kawempe division in Kampala district.

Evidence shows that the convict was a neighbor of the victims family and that on that fateful day, Bashir called the victim to the nearby bathroom and performed a sexual act with her.

He is later said to have given the miner 500 shillings and asked her to not tell anyone about the incident.

However, when leaving the bathroom, the victim’s five year old brother saw and asked what had happened and she revealed that the convict had done something bad to her.

The two later reported the matter to their mother who also reported the incident at Kawempe police station

On the 27th of February 2016, the victim was medically examined and found to be 12 years old and have been defiled.

The maximum penalty of the offense is a death and state wants court to hand the convict a deterrent sentence.

According to prosecution, the convict is a first time offender who did not waste courts time but the judge must take into account the age difference of 27 years between the convict and the victim.

State says the incident traumatized the miner and that such emotional trauma will go on forever.

Meanwhile Badhir has asked court for a linear sentence on ground that he is a father of seven children with the eldest being 21 and the youngest 7 years old who all depend on him for survival.

He also claims that the four years he has been on remand has had a negative impact on his life because he had been subjected to harsh manual work.