Court to hear OTT case today

By Sania Babirye
The constitutional court is today hearing a petition seeking to declare the introduced  Over The Top service (OTT) tax null and void.
In July this year, five Ugandans calling themselves the concerned citizen and a technological company ; Cyber law Initiative  petitioned  the Constitutional court seeking  orders to declare it unlawful.
The petitioners led by a one  Daniel Opio sued government through the Uganda Communication commission and attorney General in which they are  accusing Uganda Communications Commission  of giving an enabling environment for Uganda Revenue Authority to collect the 200 shillings  daily tax from all internet users to be able to access social media sites like Facebook, whatsapp among other social media sites.
The group wants the attorney General to explain why  Government does not offer free internet services to citizens and instead impose on them a politically motivated tax which hinders the  freedom of speech, economic growth , innovation and affects on-line media yet it was passed with no meaningful public participation.
They further explain that the social media tax will be a hindrance to job seekers who use social media and also those who are dealing on online businesses.
The new social media tax commenced in July this year and internet users pay  200 shillings daily, 1400 weekly and 6000 monthly to be able to access social media sites despite subscribing to  internet  bundles.