Court orders for production of the two re-arrested Kaweesi murder suspects

By Sania Babirye
Kampala High court judge Henrietta Wolayo has ordered the state to produce the Kaweesi murder suspects who were re-arrested on the 11th of this month immediately after being granted bail.

These include Yusuf Nyanzi and Gabriel Kalyango.

According to Justice Wolayo, the state must justify why it is keeping the said suspects in prison yet they were legally granted bail by justice Lydia Mugamba.

During court proceedings, state prosecutor Brian Musota failed to explain to court why the said suspects are illegally being detained for now 17 days without being charged or produced in court.

According to Wolayo, the two are part of the four suspects that were re-arrested at the International crimes division of the high together with their lawyer a few minutes after being granted bail, however, the third suspect Mugerwa Yusuf’s file was allocated to a different judge.

Now the judge has ordered that state produces the two on the 30th of September which is next Monday at 2pm in court without fail.

This will enable court to assess if the said suspects are being detained legally or illegally.

The production warrant comes after the their lawyer Anthony Wameli filed an application seeking for their production in Court or be released.

Wameli contends that his client’s fundamental rights to liberty are being violated.

On the 11th of this month the three were re-arrested by plain clothed security operatives and although police acknowledged their re-srrest, their whereabouts still remains unknown.

Their re-arrest received public criticism from the general public and the judiciary with the chief justice asking the minister of constitutional affaires Kahinda Otafire to adress the incident saying re-arresting of suspects after being granted bail is unconstitutional and steps on the independence of the judiciary.