Court sends man to jail for life over murder

By Sania Babirye

A 36 year old man has been handed a life imprisonment sentence after being convicted of murdering Lira businessman Emmanuel Etenede in 2016.

Justice Anthony Ojoko Oyuko has handed Moses Adrapi a resident of Ozuku village a life sentence after finding him guilty and consequently convicting him of murdering Etenede on the 24 of November 2016.

While convicting him, justice Oyuko ruled that state had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the convict with malice aforethought did murder the businessman.

Justice Oyuko relied on the over whelming evidence adduced by prosecution including two eye witnesses who saw Adrapi and others still at large shoot dead the deceased .

He also considered the dying declaration that the deceased made to his relatives while in hospital where he had been rushed for treatment in whichever he implicated the convict as his killer.

The convict and others still at large who were ridding on a motorcycle are said to have ambushed the deceased at Oduparaka trading center at night and shot him in the stomach with an AK47.

The deceased died at the hospital where he was immediately rushed for medical attention.