Court sets 16th October for NUP ownership ruling

By Sania Babirye

Kampala high court judge Musa Sekana has set the 16th of next month to deliver his ruling in case challenging the new ownership of Nations unity platform party currently owned by Bobiwine.

This is after Moses Nkonge Kibalama the founding member of the then NURP party and his then secretary general finished being cross examined on their alleged retraction of their first affidavits in which they claimed that the party was illegally registered and transferred to Bobiwine.

Kibalama and Simba while being cross examined by defense lawyers including Medard Ssegona on his retraction informed court that they participated in forgery when they presented documents that were forged to EC to have the party transferred to Bobiwine and registered by EC.

These accused their lawyers of misleading them into signing over affidavits which they did not understand.

Kibalama had also informed court that he did not understand the circumstances leading to Jim to be summoned in court today and that his personal freedom and liberty has been curtailed by organisations he does not know.

He also revealed to court that the chief of Defense forces David Muhoozi asked him to meet him in his office and talk about matters surrounding the new party ownership two weeks ago as he was driving in his car and currently he has know control over himself.

Kibalama further revealed to court that he came to know about the summons when some one he doesn’t know sneaked a paper into a room he was being kept in and asked court for intervention to regain his freedom.

Kibalama was later whisked away from court by security operatives who had earlier claimed that they were unaware of his disappearance.

Meanwhile Bobiwine has asked the country to pray for Kibalama whom he says has lost his freedom.

Bobiwine says Ugandans must demand for Kibalama’s freedom whom he says is clearly under detention by the army and everything he says is not out his will.

Bobiwine also claims that Kibalama told him that he can not freely speak and that the video of him claiming to want his party back was not of his will.

Bobiwine also claims that Kibalama confessed to him that he was tortured and lost a nail under the security operatives.