COVID-19 changes the ash Wednesday dynamics

By Robert Segawa

Reverend Father Mathias Nteza has asked Christians to repent and forgive those who wronged them during this lent season.

The youth chaplain at Christ the King church Kampala made this call while delivering his homily during the 1PM Ash Wednesday mass. He also asked believers to renew their faith, resist temptation and help the vulnerable without making a public spectacle of the good deeds.

He has challenged the congregation not to fast because others are doing so but do so from the bottom of their hearts knowing they will be rewarded and get full blessings of fasting.

Fr. Nteza asked believers to pray for themselves, families, neighbors and our country mostly during this period when kidnaps and killings are rampant.

He further added that due to COVID-19, unlike other ash Wednesdays, this time the ash was sprinkled on top of their head rather than have it smeared on their fore head.

Father Nteza maintains that only 200 people will also be allowed inside the church others have to gather out side to follow through speakers and all priest will be expected to wear gloves in order to avoid any body contacts as they observe COVID-19 standard operating procedure.