Criminal summons issued against Bakireke

By Sania Babirye
Criminal summons have been issued against  suspended  Kampala South metropolitan   police commander Siraje Bakaleke  by the anti corruption court to defend himself on allegations that he wrongfully arrested and and confined three Korean Investors.
The assistant commissioner of police has been summoned  by grade one magistrate Moses Nabende after him together with six other co accused failed to turn up in court to plead to 12 counts of Abuse of office, kidnap and abducting with intent to confine a person, Embezzlement, obtaining money by false pretense and conspiracy to commit an offense .
Bakaleke is said to have used his office and  connived with city lawyer Mugoya Wanyoto to defraud  415000  US dollars from the alleged victims .
According to documents before court, Wanyoto is said to have extorted  30,000 US dollars as legal fees  Court to defend them on alleged money laundering charges while in detention.
 Bakaleke is charged together with , Wanyoto , a one Samwel Nabeta Mulowooza  and 6   Deputy Assistant Superintendents of police officers.
These were expected to appear today to take plea but only  Samuel Mulowooza ; the managing Director of Eye power Engineering company turned up  and denied the charges before being released on bail prompting the magistrate to compel the others led by Bakireke to appear in court without fail on the 5th of October this year to take plea.
Meanwhile,  Mulowooza’s lawyers  of Angualia and company advocates have written to the DPP saying their client is wrongfully being prosecuted because  he did not conspire with Bakireke and others to defraud the foreigners  but only acted  as a concerned citizen and  gave vital information to police to investigate the Koreans for  Terrorism and money laundering.
As a result, they want their client to be exonerated on grounds that he acted as a whistle blower, which the DPP objects too.