Daughter pins own father for defiling her

BY Sania Babirye
A then nine year old girl has narrated how her own father continuously sexually assaulted her in their one roomed rented House they were staying in alone.

45 year old Rwentalo Frank is being tried of aggravated defilement of his own daughter that he was only staying with following the death of her mother after she was born.

The incident happened in 2016 at Nabweru Love a zone in Kawempe division.

The suspect was arrested on the 8th of July 2016 after the child eventually confided in a female neighbor who reported the incident to the area defense chairman who also reported the said crime to the Nabweru police station leading to his arrest.

Today detective Shemereire Lydia informed high court judge Flavia Angelin Seeing that she was responsible of taking the statement from both the child and her father but her father denied ever sexually assaulting his own daughter.

However, she informed court that the victim confided in her that her father was having sex with her every night and that she had pain in her private parts.

She also informed court that medical examination done on her proved that the miner had been sexually assaulted although his father denied the said charge.

The police detective further informed court that the victim also claimed that he further threatened to cut off her legs and hands of she reported the matter to anyone.