Death: A student is stabbed on Christmas over a girl.

On Christmas day, Vincent Duhimbaze a 25 year old Tourism student at Kampala University was stabbed to death. According to police preliminary findings, this happened at Mubano Hotel in Kisoro district. Vincent was at a party with colleagues where he got into a competition with other men over a girl.

Towards morning hours, a fight broke out and he was overpowered and stabbed in the chest. The men dragged his body to the garden behind the hotel where it was discovered Saturday. Duhimbaze was born in Kanyamegeri, Chihe in Nyakinama Sub-County, Kisoro District.

The police are investigating the incident with the view of bringing perpetrators to book.

In 2013, the number of reports and complaints made to Police were 251,409 out of which 99,959
cases were criminal in nature compared to 100,465 criminal cases investigated in 2012 thereby reflecting a decrease in the volume of crime by 0.5%.

According to the USA OSAC Uganda 2015 Crime and Safety Report, crimes that result in violence sometimes occur when the victim attempts to resist the assailant. However, an increase in armed robbery and sexual assaults were also observed.
Additionally, there were two outbreaks of violent crime sprees in northern Uganda during the early part of 2014. Gulu was beset with violent crime where boda boda (motorcycle taxis) drivers were being killed on almost a daily basis by unknown thugs.
Lira also experienced a wave of violent crime against business owners that prompted the Inspector General of Police to replace the police leadership in the city and to personally travel to the town to relieve the angst.