Demolishing a church is the worst form of impunity -Muntu

By Sania Babirye

Alliance For National Transformation president Gen.Mugisha Muntu has described last Sunday’s demolition of a church near a police station in the night hours as the worst form of impunity that Ugandans have been subjected to by those who commit crime in the country.

Addressing the media this afternoon at their party headquarters in Kampala, Gen.Mugish Muntu said that it is not enough that government made some arrests but those responsible must be brought to book.

He says that for a whole church to be brought down must have taken a lot of hours and for anyone to demolish a worshiping place without police coming in shows that those responsible think that they can get away with any impunity in the country.

Muntu has now called upon Ugandans to speak against the alleged impunity as the only way of fighting and resisting it.

He says the worst scenario for any country is to have those who control weapons or the rich to be the one exercising impunity without any reprimands.

Muntu says all people with denominations including church leaders and the public must speak out against such injustices because if they don’t, God will not come and speak out for them.