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Donors from Europe are behind the increased begging among the disabled people on Kampala streets.

Nokrach William Wilson
Hon. Nokrach William Wilson

Uganda Member of Parliament representing the disabled people William Nokrach has accused some donors from Europe to be behind the increased begging among the disabled people on Kampala streets.

Speaking to Honorable Nokorach at parliament, he alleged that according to his research, a donor who is getting funds from Europe accommodates some people living with disabilities at night and sends them on the streets during day time.

Nokrach the mp representing disabled people from northern Uganda in parliament also says that they have raised the issues with the authorities including security organs but nothing has been done.

The mp who speaks with pain, say it is very difficult to stop this business because the disabled people look at as means of survival.




“One time I visited them after evening work, I saw them drinking whisky, wines, eating very well.  So they look at it as a kind of employment, it is very difficult to stop it.

Nokrach said I think this donor is very aggressive he gets money for that project but we have never seen the project document but he is ever there with them, he sits around them during  dayand takes photos and they are taken back to Europe to raise money.

I asked the MP whether he had lost hope on the matter after raising it with the authorities including the ministry of gender and they did not take action.

This is what he said, I have not lost hope, am trying to think of what an be done so that they have something meaningful to do. It is not only resources, it is an issue of mindset because when they come here they get ready money which they cannot get easily while at home.

Early this year Government withdrew the Persons with Disabilities Bill 2014 from parliament on claims that a new draft Bill was at mature stages before the First Parliamentary Council and would soon be ready for tabling.

The PWDs bill was seeking for the elimination of discrimination against PWDs, encouraging all sectors of government and community to provide and include disability issues into all economic, political and
social development policies and programs.