Dr. Kiiza Besigye arrested.

Opposition FDC leader retired Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested and taken to Nagalama police station.

Besigye was on his way to attend free my vote Prayers at FDC headquarters in Najanankumbi when he was blocked by police from accessing town at the Mulago round about in the morning.

Police towed away his vehicle with Besigye locked inside and took   him first to Kiira road police station and later transported him to Nagalama.

Police says the massive numbers of supporters who were escorting Besigye were bound to cause chaos in the city.

Uganda police was helped by unknown Men in a vehicle Noah UAT 018C, having paper spray and electric cables to disperse the masses, especially Boda boda operators.

Kiiza Besigye was scheduled to attend the black Tuesday prayers organized by the forum for democratic change but did not make it to Najjanankumbi following a prolonged standoff at Mulago round about that resulted into his arrest.

The forum for Democratic change FDC launched National prayers for freedom and peace in the country last month following Besigye’s house arrest after the February 18th election.

Police had asked Besigye to proceed to Najanankumbi without a procession of supporters who were following him. Besigye accused police of participating in carrying out political injustices.