Education minister warns against PTCs operating without minimum requirements

By Deo Wasswa

The 2018 examination results for grade three teachers’ Certificate in primary teacher education have been released today by the minister for education Janat Kataha Museveni.

The results show there was a slight improvement in all subjects except mathematics where the average performance was at 72.2% compared to 85.5% in other subjects.

A total of 11164 candidates registered for the examinations as compared to 15944 who sat for the same examinations in 2017.

The results show that the best done subjects were Agriculture education, integrated production skills, early childhood education, physical education, local language education, professional education studies, social studies education, and religious education.

The examinations were done in 58 examination centers of which 46 are government and 12 privately owned.

The results further show that out of 11164 candidates who sat the examination, 7304 passed, 3316 failed and 554 are ungraded.

The results also show that only 16 distinction was registered, 725 credits and 263 passes.

The best two performing colleges in order were, Rukungiri PTC in Rukungiri district and Canon Apolo PTC in Kabalole district, all of them attained an overall percentage pass over 90%.

While releasing the results, Kataha has urged Primary teaching colleges not only to celebrate for the performance but should work tirelessly for a better quality of the education sector in the country.

She has also noted with concern that the ministry of education will not tolerate with those colleges that operate with less than 100 students and also those operating with no minimum required standards because it may lead colleges to produce half backed professionals.