Education ministry highlights measures to curb school drop outs

The ministry of education has put in place a number of measures in order to curb school drop outs.

The minister of education also first lady Janet Museveni said that as one of the measures, it   has started community dialogues to engage parents on elimination of violence against children and encourage them
to support the education of their children.

While responding to concerns of MPs on what measures her ministry was taking to reduce children drop out from schools, she noted that a national strategic plan for local governments   to curb school dropout
has been put in place and the ministry will continue challenging parents on child labor.

The first lady also said   that several   circulars banning corporal punishments have been issued to schools and local Governments on top of the guide lines that were issued as alternatives to corporal

Other measures according to the minister include school feeding and nutrition program, reporting tracking guidelines for violence against children at schools of which minor offenses will be reported to the
head teachers and disciplinary committees as capital offenses must be reported to police.

Minister Janet Museveni also say that her ministry was working with the Gender ministry to disseminate guidelines on responsible parenting.

The ministry of education has also asked teachers to follow up learners who absent themselves from schools by doing home visits.