Eight men to clean court premises for being a nuisance

By Sania Babirye

Buganda road court has ordered a group of 8 men who were charged of being a common nuisance to clean the court premises for three hours each.

The group led by a one Keiturema Nicolas have been ordered to clean by after they pleaded guilty on their own plea.

The magistrate then sentenced them to one day of community service with each ordered to clean for three hours or failure to do serve 6 months in Luzira prison.

These had first denied the offense but later changed their not guilty plea to guilty claiming that they were family men who needed to go and fend for their families.

These were arrested on the 17th of April this year around Sheraton and Grand imperial hotel disturbing the peace of Ugandans walking by.

These were found bu KCCA law enforcement officials loitering around these places aimlessly.