Eldery people seek representation in next parliament

By Sania Babirye

Older persons say they are hopeful that their concerns will be addressed timely following a resolution by cabinet to have them represented in parliament.

On Tuesday, cabinet resolved that there should be five representatives of the elderly above 60 years in parliament.

Joram Tibasimwa the chairman for the National Council of the elderly says that having representatives in parliament will allow parliament to quickly understand the plight of the elderly and address their concerns timely.

He says that the resolution is timely and they are ready to face the challenge since older people are still useful to this country.

He says that this will show the country that the elderly have positive contribution to the country something that has been lacking.

He also says that their needs like social protection had been ignored and that as Representatives of the elders, they will be advocating for such needs in Parliament to protect their well fair.