Embracing tech could be a solution to high numbers of people physically visiting hospitals

By Deo Wasswa

Experts in Telecommunications say that Medical facilities should be creating platforms for the development and adoption of more online medical services which include consultation and diagnosis as a front-line measure before patients flock hospitals and medical centers especially during the time of Corona virus Pandemic.

chief Technology officer Airtel Uganda Rajesh Agrawal made these comments during a virtual meeting organized to commemorate the world Telecommunications day.

He asl says this could be achieved of course in consultation with the Ministry of Health and other health quality assurance entities.

In the same meeting James Musehe, chief IT officer at Airtel Uganda noted that With public transport still unacceptable, they have realized a massive increase in telecommuters (working from a location other than the office) and this means telecommunications companies have to invest in preparing for and providing unlimited access to video conferencing software and online collaboration tools.

He also notes that during this period, Airtel Uganda has been greatly impressed by the number of companies that have leveraged on the telecommunications networks to create digital extension and non-contact services such as delivery and non cash payments.

He then said that their role here is to continue to nurture and host these innovations on these platforms on a more permanent basis to maintain the convenience and safety beyond the pandemic.