Isma Olaxes threatens clamp down on abusive bloggers

In Summary
  • We should respect others as we do our job
  • There is the need to unit if we are to promote our country
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Isma Olaxes reveals that he is will engage security where necessary  to instill discipline among   bloggers under his association.  Olaxes says those who still use abusive and disrespectful language while publishing content should know that it is not professional and it does not uplift their career as bloggers.

we should do our work at a professional level
Isma Olaxes

Isma has urged bloggers to continue registering in this association, he also confirmed that they have registered 240 bloggers both from Uganda and abroad. He adds that this will help them in monitoring and monetizing  as well as protection in times where they are violated by sources.

He noted that  there are many opportunities out there are awaiting for bloggers if they are disciplined, united and organized