Money ruined Juliana's relationship

In Summary
  • lending money ruined Juliana's relationship
  • she no longer buys the idea of lending money to loved ones
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Courtesy photo

Song bird Juliana Kanyomozi has intimated to her followers that she doesn’t support the policy of lending loved ones money saying that it suffocates the relationships.

Juliana opened up saying   lending money ruined one of her relationships to the extent that they  broke up without getting back the money. She adds that she had learned how bad it was and that she no longer lends money to loved ones.

Someone I was dating borrowed money from me  and I thought he would bring it back but  he didn’t ,I asked for it for a few time and  it got to a time he got upset with me so I never asked for it again.
Julian Kanyomozi

Juliana advised people against spending beyond their level saying it is so dangerous. She shared a lesson she learned from music star Akon about about the 10%rule he applies to everything he buys. She added that to spend excessively , one must have excess on their account.

Juliana was giving a few  personal finance tips to her followers on her latest Vlog ; Sit down with Yana.