Zari Hassan cautions women against fixing damaged men

In Summary
  • Zari says that broken men can not be fixed by only one woman
  • She advised women to invest their time in important things more than fixing broken men
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan urged women to avoid dating broken men thinking that they can fix them.

Through the post she shared on her Instagram, the boss lady said trying to fix a broken man does nothing to the relationship but instead ruins it adding that one may be patient as a means of fixing a damaged man, only to realize, that one man has many other women fixing that same creature.

He is just broken ,I think I can fix him;sister ,he's got eight other women trying to fix him.Don't be part of the construction crew,some situations don't require faith ,hope or patience but common sense
Zari Hassan

The mother of five was married to the late Ssemwanga for more than ten years and in 2011 they had a traditional wedding.

Zari is also one of the ladies that dated the Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinum and they have two children though currently they are not together but they rather co-parent.