Pastor Bugembe speaks out on his trending photo.

In Summary
  • Bugembe says that the lady is just a friend to him.
  • He insists that he will marry in God's timing.
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

The founder of worship house in Nansana finally reacts on the photo involving himself with a lady showing a ring on a fingure seated beside him.

The city Pastor says that speculations that have been going around that he already proposed to the lady in the photo are not right adding that she is just his friend but not his fiancé.

I wanted to avoid speculations so I told her to show off her ring as we were taking the photo
Pastor Bugembe

Bugembe added that the lady is even married therefore there’s nothing close to dating between both of them, he noted that he will marry in the right time that God will set for him.

 He explained that it’s so surprising that the public took it differently     

Pastor Bugembe keeps saying that he has tried many relationships but due to several factors he has failed to maintain any.