Women ignore signs of abusive men - Lucky.

In Summary
  • Domestic violence is not a remedy to solutions in the relationship
  • People shouldn't ignore signs of domestic violence in their relationships

Some people are in relationships where domestic violence is the order of the day which is dangerous to their lives.

Gaetano and Lucky in the morning discussed abusive relationships both agreeing that some people are physically tortured while others are psychologically abused. They also mentioned that women are the biggest victims of physical torture.

Lucky noted that it’s wrong to beat a woman even when she has annoyed you. "Find better to sort misunderstanding in relationships." said Lucky

Never hit a woman no matter the circumstances

She adds that some men show signs that they are abusive at the beginning of relationships but girls keep ignoring them   hoping that they will change.

However, Miss Kuteesa a Midwife at Jinja Referral hospital advised people to quit or have a break in case their partners show them any sign of domestic violence adding that they shouldn’t ignore those signs because they can’t know how bad that violence can get.