Many followers on social media are not enough to push Ugandan music internationally-TShaka

In Summary
  • Being highly followed doesn't guarantee that an artist will capture the international audience
  • Artists should focus on doing quality music if they want to be recognized internationally
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Reggae artist and producer Tshaka Mayanja said that producing  quality music is the only thing that can push Ugandan music internationally but not huge numbers of followers on social media platforms .

Tshaka revealed that  Ugandan artists need to put double efforts on producing or doing music that meets  the international audience adding that an artist being  highly followed on their social media  platforms doesn't mean that they make good and quality music .

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

He  noted that some of Ugandan artists don't even want to invest much money in their music explaining that all they want is do a quick hit song ,get quick little amount of money out of it ,and with time  if that song fades that's the end of it which hinders their  music from going international.

Music is business artists should highly invest in it
Tshaka Mayanja

Tshaka also said that an artist being under a big Record  label doesn't mean that they will go international,what matters is the quality of music produced or done.