A pass publicly asks for an endorsement

In Summary
  1. A pass wants him and Lydia Jazmine to be the next cover for Life Guard condoms
Courtesy photo
Singer A pass Courtesy photo

Singer Alexander Bagonza commonly known as A pass asked life Guard Condom for an endorsement so that he can also earn a living.

A pass asked for this endorsement on his socials through his photo with Jazmine while at A-Bryans birthday bash, the photo had a caption that was requesting life guard to make him and  Lydia Jazmine their next cover.

The music industry has been hit the most due to the covid19 lock down and many musicians have decided to venture into other businesses therefor  itโ€™s not a surprise for A pass  to publicly ask for an endorsement ,whoever can please lets support a brother so that he can also make ends meet.

Courtesy photo
A pass Courtesy photo