First Ugandan movie to Film on Netflix

In Summary
  1. Ali revealed that starting next week the movie will run
  2. The movie was released in 2020
  3. It features top Ugandan actors and actresses
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

To the Ugandan Netflix lovers, the movie dubbed “The Girl in the Yellow Jumper”  directed  by our very own Ugandan Loukman Ali will soon start running on Netflix.

Courtesy photo
Loukman Ali the movie Director Courtesy photo

“The Girl in the Yellow Jumper “is a one hour and twenty minutes Ugandan thriller ,  it was released in May 2020  and it  will be the first Ugandan film to air on the streaming service.

The movie is based on a true story of a man who was dragged and taken hostage while watching TV, when he escaped, he returned home with an unbelievable story to tell.

It features numerous top Ugandan actors and actresses such as Phillip Luswata, Rehema Nanfuka, Maurice Kirya, Gladys Oyenbot among others.

Loukman revealed the good news of his film breaking the barriers through   his social media platforms.

The Girl in the Yellow Jumper  has been nominated in several festivals such as the Amakula International Film Festival and now its going to run on Netflix  an American streaming service that offers a wide variety of award- winning movies, documentaries  among others .

Over the one hundred ninety (190)countries,Netflix  has two hundred fourteen  (214)million paid memberships .