Kim Kardashian saves 30 Afghan youth football players from Taliban militants

In Summary
  • The women arrived in the UK on Thursday 18th of November, after being flown to London, from Pakistan by Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian
Image: Courtesy photo

American Socialite and business woman Kimberly Noel Kardashian a.k.a Kim Kardashian sponsored  a flight of thirty (30) Afghan women Youth footballers with their families, from Pakistan to Britain in a move geared towards saving them from the Taliban militants. The women football players arrived in  Britain on Thursday 18th November 2021 and before starting new lives in there, players and there families inclusive will first spend ten days in quarantine.

The reality star icon made the move after she was asked by Rabbi Moshe Margaretten to fund the charter flight.Margaretten is the founder of the Tzedek Association, a nonprofit US group that responds to global poverty.

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Kim Kardashian took the gesture of sponsoring this flight with assistance of Premier League Club,Leeds United after Robbi Moshe Margaretten the founder of the Tzedek Association a non profit United States group that responds to global poverty asking her to fund the charter flight.

English Premier League side, Leeds United, also offered the teen players an offer of support.Uganda joined countries like Britain to host thousands of Afghans in a rushed airlift as Kabul fell to Taliban militants in August.