Keko's current state worries followers

In Summary
  • Keko looked so depressed and lonely

On 10th January 2022 (night) Ugandan hip hop singer Keko appeared on her Instagram live video in a very terrible and sad state.

In the video Keko’s skin looked pale and flaky, with broken hair, the audio in the video was broken but she didn’t even seem to realize that however much viewers tried to alert her.

Keko picked her nose with her bare fingers on camera, flashed her middle finger sign before grabbing her lighter to light what appeared like a joint, smacked her lips.

This shocked her fans who in comments appealed to whoever was near to go to her rescue.

After various hours, a policeman was seen entering Keko’s apartment trying to communicate with other police officers as he walked around the room.

Keko was part of the Hip-Hop revolution in the Ugandan music space and her contribution to that genre can never be undermined however her sick flows made most of the youth reconsider her on their playlist.