Pushing multiple talents may lead to failure-Bebe cool

In Summary
  1. He says each talent has its struggles
  2. Taking on the multiple talents is a gesture of selfishness
Courtesy photo
Bebe Cool Courtesy photo

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe cool says that multi-talented artists should single out which talent to push. He adds that pushing them all at once may not be productive.

The Gagamel boss said that Uganda has artists with multiple talents. He added that an individual can be talented in writing, producing, dancing, singing among others.

It’s always hard for one person to combine all the diverse struggles that come with the different talents and succeed. He added that taking on such a task may strain you causing you to fail in all your doings.

Bebe cool noted that one artist taking on their multiple talents is a gesture of selfishness in the entertainment industry adding that multi-talented artists should focus on one talent and give a chance to other artists.