Kenzo’s “Enjoyment” With Rickman is Actually Nice If Listened to Twice

In Summary
  • Give the song a month, and then you can judge if it is nice or not.

We were all excited when artiste Rickman Manrick announced that he had something cooking with BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo. Both of them are super creative and talented artists whose combined effort on a project is, as was the case, expected to excite music lovers.

The song is finally on YouTube but its debut day hasn’t been as nice as they expected (if Twitter reviews are anything to go by).

“Rickman should never have returned to Uganda. We had had enough shitty songs, no need to add us more misery.” Blogger Don Atungisa weighed in.


Too harsh, you’d say, but going by the several hundreds that engaged with Blogger Atungisa’s tweet, a section of Ugandans believe the song is not up to the standard that the two hitmakers have set for themselves amongst music fans.

I have had this song on replay since morning today for just one purpose – to find the good in it.

Rickman’s wordplay is still in full mode and Kenzo’s usual variety of Luganda, English and Nigerian Pidgin are all in there. The song doesn’t go so far away from the two artist’s style – they gave this song what they’ve given the other songs in the past.

My observation is that we are judging the song quickly and I can bet money it will very soon be a popular melody. I say this because I have had the same feeling listening to the song as I did when I first watched Kenzo’s “Weekend.”

Slightly more than six months later, the song has over 5 million views on YouTube and is a household tune.

“Enjoyment” will catch. If you have any doubt about it, listen to it a second time.