In Mbarara, the party never stops until the sun comes up

In Summary
  • Capital presenters were hosted at The Heat Bar on Friday
  • DJ Nyowe and DJ Alberto played throughout the night
  • Sponsors Club and coca cola were present
  • Revelers just couldn't stop partying till morning
Malaika and Levy pose with one of the organisers of the Meet and greet at the Heat Mbarara
Image: Kevin Ajuna

The Heat is the perfect place to party while in Mbarara. A vibrant, mostly outdoor bar and restaurant situated at  Buremba road kakoba, Mbarara .  Partying in an outdoor bar could save you from a walk of shame in the morning as it is easy for you to notice the darkness peeling away, people in this part of the country, "start the party when it is about to end". The party just never ends.

At the Capital FM's presenters meet and great hosted at the Heat on Friday, it was a full house, people mixing and mingling with their favorite presenters. 

DJ Nyowe

OverDrive show host Oulanyah Columbus took the party-goers back in time when he mimed his "I am not a fool" all-time favorite hit from fans of Olam production. It was visible that the seasoned presenter still had fans of his short-lived music career as he was showered money throughout his presentation, Co-host Malaika chipped in to help him collect his money.

There was a Capital FM's star DJ Nyowe moment that electrified the crowd. The silent yet popular Ruff cuts host DJ played some of his favorite mixes that worked for the crowd.

Vibrant DJ Alberto took over the night after Nyowe till sunrise. The party was as heated from the start as it was in the morning. The persistence of Party animals in this city is misleading for people who intend to pass by. The party never slows down at any part of the night.

It was unbelievable that by 5AM while we planned to leave the bar, other people were still flocking into the party and seeing their favorite presenters. What a night!

DJ Nyowe