Failure to embrace cultural tourism hinders the promotion of culture

In Summary
  • People have been focusing on wildlife and Safari Tourism abandoning cultural tourism.
  • The Public assumes that culture is  mixed up with witchcraft
Lyazi Vivian The Assistant Commissioner for Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities

The Assistant Commissioner for the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Lyazi Vivian revealed that the public has not embraced Cultural tourism which has hindered the promotion of several cultures.

Speaking at the launch of the 2022 Miss Tourism Pageant that will commence on 25th June, Mr.Lyazi noted that the public assumes that culture is mixed up with witchcraft and it ends up focusing only on wildlife and Safari Tourism.

He explained that assumption is wrong because culture has a lot of art and history which the whole country benefits from.

About the 2022 Miss Tourism Pageant, it will commence on 25th June start from the West Nile region then Karamoja, Ankole, and Buganda.

Kanyike Allan Bwette the Executive Director for Miss Tourism
Image: Namutebi Phiona

According to Kanyike Allan Bwette the Chief Executive Officer for Miss Tourism, the grand finale of this 10th edition of the pageant will take place on 23rd September 2022.

Kanyike pointed out that the 10th edition whose theme is Rethinking Tourism will help the management bring in game-changing ways that will help in promoting tourism.