UMA President points out the need for artists’ awareness campaign

In Summary
  1. Cindy says ,the campaign will create awareness among artists on how they should conduct themselves before school children
  2. She adds that music is a business that also needs professionalism
Courtesy photo
Cindy Sanyu ,the Uganda Musicians Asssociation President Courtesy photo

The Uganda Musicians Association President, Cindy Sanyu has pointed out the need for an artists’ awareness campaign on how they should conduct themselves while performing in schools. She adds that this will help them not to repeat the same mistakes in the event the ban in schools is lifted.

The comment comes after the Government halted secular musicians from performing in schools temporarily saying that this affects the student's mental health.

Cindy says that while the ban is effected temporarily, artists should be taught how they are supposed to dress and perform before school children so that as they enjoy the music, their mental health remains at bay.

Cindy highlighted the importance of artists understanding their audiences as part of the move to professionalize their business. She cautioned artists against rigidity for the betterment of the music industry.