Parliament Stops the Nyege Nyege Festival

In Summary
  • Parliament has stopped the ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival, an annual social event scheduled to take place next week in Jinja.
Image: Courtesy Photo

Parliament has banned the annual festival known as “Nyege Nyege,” which was set to take place in Jinja next weekend.

While chairing plenary on Tuesday afternoon the Speaker Hon Anita Among stated that the House “will not permit the event to take place.”

“We are discussing the morality of this nation; we are discussing our kids. You want to advance tourism at the expense of our kids, right? We won’t permit this activity to take place,” Among said.

Tororo Woman MP Hon Sarah Opendi says Nyege Nyege is a breeding ground for sexual immorality.

The State Minister for Tourism Hon. Martin Mugarra Bahinduka tried to defend the motives of the event saying it is a tourism hub and that over 8,000 foreign tourists had already booked for tickets, however this met a lot of resistance from the house.

The government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo says a stakeholders meeting has now been called by the internal affairs minister Jeje Odong on 6th September at his offices.

The event is scheduled to run from September 15 to 18th at Itanda falls, Jinja.