Artists narrate 60 years of the music industry

In Summary
  1. Chameleon says that artists and other stakeholders in the music industry should be proud of Ugandan art.
  2. Kenzo calls for unity among artists for the improvement of music sector.
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Jose Chameleone Courtesy photo

As Uganda celebrated 60years of independence,many things in the art  industry changed along the way and several artists are proud of the fact that at least Ugandan art and mostly music is globally  recognized.

However some musicians say that ,more efforts are still needed for  the entertainment industry  to continue thriving.

Legendary singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose chameleon noted that the music industry has improved citing that years back Congolese music  "lingala" was the order of the day in the country but currently Ugandan music took over.

As a legendary ,Chameleon  urged  Ugandan artists and other stakeholders in the sector to  believe  in their own art  reasoning that it's the only way it will continue going  international.

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Just like chameleon,the BET award winner Edrisa Musuuza commonly known as Kenzo applauded several stakeholders that have worked tirelessly to improve the music industry.

Kenzo stated that however much the industry has improved ,it still lacks unity for it to continue thriving,according to him , the division among artists hinders them from creating  effective strategies of pushing the sector.

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Singer Allan Ampaire alias Allan Toniks explained  that 60 years of the music  sector have been a little bit hard but due to the  artists' passion and persistence,it is far better than it was years ago .

Toniks noted that regardless of it's improvement,the music industry is currently affected by bubble gum music that trends for a given period of time and later fades .

He based on that ground and urged artists  to invest time,research and money in their projects  so that they come up with long lasting music that can  be listened to forever.