President Museveni reveals his best songs

In Summary
  1. H.E  enjoys traditional music
  2. According to him,that music exposes the beauty of several cultures
Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Being the fountain of honor, one would wonder whether H.E Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni gets time and listens to music.

H.E answered that  question by revealing his best traditional songs including, “Maaga: Enanga yo kutonzya “,” Maaga: Mpoora Nshokoozo “,” Kambara: Ekiziniro kya Kanyena”, “ Kanini: Omushana Gwakangire”,” Katokye: Bwera ye Bigabiro”, “ Katokye: Masindi na Kijunjubw” among others.

President Museveni explained that he enjoys such music because of its Excellency, he also said that he enjoys some gospel and NRM songs.

This is music and not noise. I enjoy it so much. It is the main music in my cars when I am driving.
H.E Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni

He narrated that he loves  these songs because they involve excellent content that   exposes the beauty of the Ankole culture, he went ahead and  encouraged  Africans to be proud reasoning that all African countries contain beautiful features starting from the language, skin color, hair, culture among others.

The president’s love for music was also revealed in 2010 when he released his own song titled “Yes Ssebo”.