Police introduces new guidelines for Event organisers

In Summary
  • The safety guidelines are intended to prevent misfortunes that occur on events
  • Organizers are required to first notify the office of the Inspector General of Police
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Revelers having fun at an event Courtesy Photo

To prevent misfortunes from occurring at events, the Police have issued new security and safety guidelines to be followed by event organizers and music promoters.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson noted that the new guidelines aim to prevent future tragedies in concerts such as the recent stampede at Freedom City Mall where ten people died.

According to the new guidelines organizers are required to first notify the office of the Inspector General of Police for clearance.

 Enanga explained that through this notification, the organizer is required to indicate where the concert will take place and this will help authorities to verify whether the owner of the venue agreed with the organizer.

He added that organizers must also indicate the number of revelers expected at the event for better security planning purposes.

They are also asked for full details of all artists and musicians expected to perform at concerts including their residential addresses and proof of private security guards and stewards. He adds that inspection and clearance must involve all local authorities.

Music promoters are also required to show the office of the IGP how they plan to put in place access control measures including walk-through metal detectors, and scanners among others.

Enanga stated that the above new guidelines had been shared with all territorial commanders at RPC and DPC levels. He went ahead and urged them to ensure that all those measures are implemented for any cleared concerts and also always physically inspect the venues.