Viboyo’s 2022 Wrap-up rap already out

In Summary
  1. The wrap-up rap  is in 11 minutes and 13 seconds.
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Viboyo Courtesy Photo

Seasoned rapper Nsubuga Moses alias Viboyo released his 2022 wrap-up rap.

In the Wrap-up rap, Viboyo sings about the drama, serious and funny moments that rocked the media since the start of the previous year, and the latest one for the year 2022 is already out.

In this 11th edition, he looked at the most significant stories and happenings from the year 2022, providing original and thought-provoking viewpoints on current affairs in just 11 minutes and 13 seconds.

Wrap-up2022 is unlike anything else he has released before. It is a mix of classic rap-up sounds, combined with modern elements and a unique style.

This Is the editted version with Clean better Lyrics of The 11th Viboyo OweyoMusic RapUP the RapUP2022 Produced by Viboyo ...

Musically, Viboyo has not released much music since the 2021 Wrap-up song and on coming back, he returned with his 11th edition of the wrap-up that was produced by himself and Pius Kiddu Juuko at Itals Productions.