Sheebah calls for humanity between Spice and Ritah Dancehall

In Summary
  1. Sheebah says arresting the dancer was not called for.
  2. Sitting on the round table would better
Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Sheebah Karungi has called for humanity between Spice Diana’s management team and dancer Ritah Dancehall.

After Spice Diana’s successful concert that was held on 13th /January /2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Ritah Dancehall came public and criticized its proceedings.

This didn’t please the star’s Management and through Katuntu and Co. Advocates, it filed a lawsuit and sought UGX 100 million in damages.

However, Ritah turned a deaf ear to an intention to sue letter and vowed to serve in prison citing that she didn’t have the aforementioned amount of money. This made Spice Diana and her team to arrest the dancer, it  threw her behind coolers at Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala for alleged defamation.

When this landed in Sheebah’s ears, it was like a nightmare saying that the gesture of arresting the dancer wasn’t called for.

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Posted by Sheebah on Monday, January 30, 2023

According to her both parties sitting on the round table would be the right way of settling  their grievances adding that it would even promote love and unity in the music industry.

Unlike Sheebah some netizens say that Ugandans have a policy of disrespecting artists hence support the step Spice’s team took.